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Selling The Gravity Score Method to Your Team

It’s important to get buy-in on your first round of testing so that your team sees the value in using the Gravity Score methods for future versions of the designs. 

It is easier selling the Gravity Score method to your team when your data is backed by a tried-and-true testing practice like the SUS method. With the same data outputs as the SUS method, this ensures that hard-nosed traditional researchers on your team can feel confident in the findings, while new data heads can enjoy the breadth of testing in the Helio Gravity Score method.

For the more visual members of your team, the simplicity of the method’s output should speak to them. The color coded success key makes it easy to translate the data calculations for the score and gain a quick understanding for areas of improvement across your platform.

The Gravity Score provides an expansive view of your platform’s usability, and can be stretched to cover as many features and designs as you need. This type of holistic testing is great for post-launch testing, or pre-launch when you’re thinking about working through multiple versions to get things just right.

This method works great for getting your team into a test & learn mindset, in which the data acts as a benchmark measurement to test your future ideas against. If your team is planning a big redesign, take the Gravity Score test for a spin first so you have a baseline measurement for the success of your redesigns. 

Please reach out to our team if you need help getting started!