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The Interaction Matrix is a powerful and intuitive tool for understanding the actions on a screen.

Introduction to the Interaction Matrix Method

Traditional usability tests are slow and require you to interpret qualitative feedback. Collecting feedback from participants is cumbersome, and synthesizing your notes into insights and actions can be daunting. Sharing this information with your team is difficult. That’s because you have to decode how users perform tasks.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. This is where the Interaction Matrix can kick this work into warp speed.

What is the Interaction Matrix?

The Interaction Matrix is a powerful and intuitive tool for understanding the actions of your audience on a web page. You can swiftly evaluate hundreds of participants using qualitative and quantitative data. Learning this method to make UI design improvements is well worth the time spent, for both designers and product managers alike.

You’ll understand how audiences interact with each iteration of your screen design. This allows you to pinpoint areas of improvement to make your designs more usable and compelling.

The Interaction Matrix is a vehicle for documenting feedback and taking action in 3 distinct parts:

  • Directives inform the usability of specific actions in your user interface.
  • Participants’ success in completing directives informs areas of improvement in the design.
  • Actionable recommendations surface alongside each directive to drive the next iteration or round in a confident way.

Why is this important? Engaging your users and getting them to take action can be difficult. And without clear evidence of user engagement, it’s hard to convince your team that a design is effective. The Interaction Matrix helps you examine your interactions with others so you can understand what is going on using documentation.

The Interaction Matrix brings clarity into user experience design so there are no more guessing games when designing interfaces. Instead, we showcase concrete evidence about which parts might work better than others based on our own data.

The Audience component of the Interaction Matrix.

More importantly, the Matrix is sharable and easily digestible. This allows your entire team to get on the same page and decide on the best course of action. 

UI Comprehension Test

Take the ambiguity out of your user’s actions. Your users need a clear, easy-to use UI to achieve their goals without being overcome with frustration.

Use this template for:

  • Product Design
  • Identifying UI Problems
  • Hunch Validations
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