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The Interaction Matrix is a powerful and intuitive tool for understanding the actions on a screen.

Interpreting Test Results

The success of participant actions helps everyone on the team see where things are working or falling short on a screen. However, what happens when participants aren’t successful? We need a way to interpret the results together.

Can you word your CTA better? Do you have to tailor your product or site more to your audience’s needs? Does your messaging resonate with your audience?

There are other tools built into the Helio report to give you a better understanding of why problems might exist.  

  • Follow-up questions
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Response time

Comparison data like this isn’t actionable without qualitative responses and knowing the reasoning behind your audiences’ actions. Helio gives you the ability to filter through responses and look at participants’ written explanations for their actions.

Recommendations based on these qualitative responses make the Interaction Matrix polished and completed.

To craft these recommendations, start by highlighting clusters of clicks in the Helio report view to look into participants’ written responses for each of their actions. These insights, along with your knowledge of your business’s customers, will drive the changes that you want to make on each page.

For Helio on Demand customers, if you’d like to tap into our team for help, our Advocates can synthesize data that scales across multiple variations of designs and audiences. ( and they’ll teach your team to do the same!). We’ll capture direct comparisons of how each audience reacts to variations of a design, and package it all into the framework you see above.

With the Interaction Matrix, you’ll have a visual snapshot of your data, organized into actionable recommendations. You’ll easily see if your design iterations are an improvement, as well as how your audience perceives them.