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Leisure, Travel & Tourism Industry

Audience Description

Participants who work in a role at a company that provides services in Leisure, Travel  and Tourism.  Participants will most likely have a customer faced role. Cruises, travel destinations, holiday activities, internet travel market, tour operators, and travel agencies are among the segments included.

The Leisure, Travel & Tourism Industry encompasses various segments like cruises, travel destinations, holiday activities, internet travel markets, tour operators, and travel agencies.  Participants in the Leisure, Travel, and Tourism industry are highly in tune with customer service.  

Interesting Participant Qualities

47% of participants in the tourism industry take vacations. 

Leisure, Travel, & Tourism Panelist Quotes

We surveyed our audience of tourism industry participants to understand what their job requires now and what difficulties they experience in their profession.

“While the digital world and social media are arguably easily accessed, and have zero to little overhead cost, learning to use those mediums and plan ahead is a huge challenge for me, not to mention they are saturated with similar business offers and I have not found a way to stand out, or stand apart”

“Customers themselves! They can be brilliant, but for every brilliant one you get another one that is rude, difficult and abrasive”

“Keeping up to date with changing industry standards/visa and travel requirements. Especially through the years of COVID and now post -COVID.”

“Time management across various time zones and the different services I provide to be matched with my client’s various goals and objectives.”

Common Leisure, Travel, & Tourism Industry Roles

This audience is made up of participants who hold job titles and roles in the tourism industry. Each of these professionals can be targeted individually, or roles can be combined to create larger audiences.

  • Airline Pilot – Airline Pilot responsibilities include conducting various pre-flight checks on the aircraft’s operational systems, creating and adjusting flight plans, and ensuring secure takeoffs and landings. You must be a certified Commercial Airline Pilot with a minimum of 2,000 hours of flight time to be eligible for this position.
  • Travel Agent – Travel agents typically hold a strong desire to travel. They manage travel requests for business or pleasure, and you will represent our suppliers by providing tourism-related services and package trips. Their role is to keep our clients happy and devoted to our services in the future.
  • Travel Consultant – Clients are assisted in the planning and execution of their travel requirements by travel advisors. They compare pricing, customs, and weather conditions for various destinations and modes of transportation.
  • Concierge – Customers engage directly with a concierge, who provides them with a variety of services. They may reply to inquiries (e.g., “Can you make a restaurant reservation for me?”) or predict what customers may require. These services could include everything from babysitting to purchasing tickets to a show to recommending a restaurant.
  • Tour Guide – Visitors can get proper information about a location from tour guides. In regions with renowned attractions, tour guides can work in museums, buses, or ships. They should be well-versed in the area and its environs, as well as possess outstanding communication abilities. Greeting guests, delivering meaningful information about the history of an area or destination, and answering queries from visitors about area attractions, restaurants, and general information are all examples of daily activities.
  • Wedding Planner – A wedding planner is in charge of overseeing all of the intricacies involved in producing a one-of-a-kind experience for a couple on their wedding day. Wedding planners give couples counsel and direction, as well as organization and resources including access to entertainment, caterers, and venues. Some wedding planners also serve as day-of coordinators, overseeing all aspects of the wedding day. Wedding planners could go over costs and offer realistic alternatives, as well as connect with vendors, organize the wedding day, and supervise setups.
  • Sales and Marketing Managing  – These employees are in charge of attracting and keeping customers. They emphasize the advantages of utilizing services or properties. They may meet with corporate clients, charitable organizations, and people who are arranging special events like weddings. Creating and delivering presentations, meeting with potential clients, holding marketing events, and filing paperwork for new clients are just a few of the day-to-day responsibilities.
  • Sommeliers – Sommeliers are wine experts in the hospitality industry. They usually work in fine restaurants, giving patrons recommendations depending on their tastes and budgets. Some sommeliers are also knowledgeable in beers and spirits. They may also supervise deliveries, prepare wine lists, teach waitstaff, arrange wine tastings, advise restaurant owners on new wine inventory, and maintain ties with wine wholesalers.