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Interpreting Video Test Results

Interpreting video test results are straightforward when we apply our testing methods. Our goal: surface what emotional or visceral reactions our concepts elicit from our target audiences. We might need to establish comprehension. Or give participants a second to absorb the content before answering deeper questions.

Free response questions are great. Especially when you want participants to really examine your content and describe back to you what they understood. This option works well if you want to pour over the written responses. Then, see exactly how participants are receiving your content.

If it’s a short video or simple ad, participants can answer a quick multiple choice or Likert scale question. That way they have a second to think about what they saw before moving on.

Helio’s Video Test Data Report

Brand polarity questions provide an equal combination of positive and negative impressions that you want to test in your content. This lets us know early on if concepts are aligned with brand goals, especially in how customers perceive them. You’ll also know what is most important to them.

Once you’ve established comprehension and feelings, it can be very helpful to understand how customers would rate the usefulness of an idea or the likelihood they would engage with a concept. For this we use the responses from 0-10 numerical scales, where anything selected 8 and above is an indicator of strong feelings towards the content.

Get Started With This Template

You can get going with this Helio template. See how your website is performing with your actual target audience. Figure out what’s working and where users get stuck. It even includes a Likert scale.

Website Design Test

Capture a quick yet precise evaluation of your website’s performance by considering usability, net promoter score, and visual appeal.

Use this template for:

  • Concept Testing
  • Validate design choices you’ve made to ensure that user needs are met in a satisfying way
  • Use both Click and Likert Tests to see where users click
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