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Video Testing Properties

Let’s take a look at all the properties that go into video testing. It’s built of multiple components: 

We’re going to deep dive into each one of these.


First things first, define your audience. The first component that needs to be defined. When it comes to understanding people, you can’t get a more insightful perspective than the one from your target audience. 

If you want your feedback system to be effective and provide compelling insights, you need clarity on your target audience.

Helio provides a participant community segmented into different audiences based on their behaviors, responsibilities, and preferences. We have hundreds of ready made professional and consumer audiences for you to use, from Budget Decision Makers to Spotify Listeners, and we can even work with you to create custom audiences that fit your team’s needs.

Company Claims Test

See how your company claims match up to participants expectations, and what emotional reactions they produce.

Use this template for:

  • Concept Testing
  • Gathering expectations
  • Gaining client trust
Use Template

Visual asset

This visual testing property is the heart of your testing. And the whole reason you’re here in the first place. Let’s take a look at a few different situations.

  • For multiple assets: Decide how you would like to test them.
  • Need feedback on the videos in isolation of each other: You just need one visual asset per survey.
  • When feedback is needed on content in side-by-side comparison: Helio offers the ability to upload up to 3 videos in a single Preference Test.

You can also use static images as visual assets to convey your ideas to the team. Adding the video element provides more spoken details about your early ideas to your audience. It’s also a way to bring user flows together screen-by-screen and provide a connected journey so that participants get the full visual experience.

Feedback Opportunities

Video is the heart of the testing, but how you utilize that asset is the brains. That’s what make this video testing property so crucial.

Before testing, gather any hunches and questions you have about your videos. Then map your ideas on the video. Sometimes you’ll find it’s most effective to break one video into multiple parts for segmented feedback, even for a singular piece of content.

Whether you’re asking for emotional reactions or creative preferences, there are often specific places in videos that can be focused on to best receive that feedback.