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Helio's Video Testing Method Guide

Video Testing Template and Examples

This template survey shows how you can get a variety of feedback on your finished content. Using the video testing template will provide you with a copy of this survey in your Helio account with placeholder questions and content so that you can quickly set up a video test of your own.

You can also find links to an example data report and participant preview of the survey.

Video Testing Template Coming Soon!

Examples of the Video Testing Method

Video testing can be used for complete videos or visual representations of conceptual assets.  Below are some examples to show the versatility of this method.

Consumer Banking App example

This example represents a consumer mobile banking app. Each screen showcases different functions on the platform. Then asks an audience very directed questions, such as what they would do next or how does it make them feel.

Company Claims Test

See how your company claims match up to participants expectations, and what emotional reactions they produce.

Use this template for:

  • Concept Testing
Use Template

Concept Testing Examples

This example represents a men’s online clothing retailer. This test centers around opportunity sketches, which is great since you want to test your concepts as soon as possible. You don’t have to have a finished product or even something that’s high fidelity to do a test, as this example shows. Or video testing method makes it easy for you.