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In-home testing

Product Development Test Template

In-home Testing

Why should you use this template?

The Covid pandemic has turned many of us into hermits: living and working from home, finding the courage to change out of sweatpants to leave the house. This causes more problems for people who already know the difficulty of sourcing participants for surveys and interviews.

The show must go on, and so we’ve developed ways to reach people in their homes and get feedback on their personal behaviors without the chore of face-to-face interactions. Rapid online surveys can reach hundreds of participants in a matter of minutes and teach you more about your audience’s current and new habits.


Testing Outcomes

  • Discover patterns participants only have in the comfort of their homes
  • Learn how behaviors change between different environments
  • Measure the impact of in-home usage for your product


Organization Benefits

  • Maintain a line of communication with your target audience even as sourcing participants becomes more difficult
  • Save time through unmoderated surveys and quantitative data reports that can be used to make change based on what you’ve learned


Test Questions

  1. How often are you at home each day?
    Multiple Choice
    Learn how much this type of environment impacts your audience on a given day.
  2. Where are you most likely to use your mobile banking app?
    Free Response
    This will establish whether or not your product is tied to this environment.
  3. How often do you use your mobile banking app while at home?
    Likert Scale
    Once you’ve got them thinking about their in-home habits, the next questions are set up to learn more about their experiences.
  4. How are you Most Likely and Least Likely to use this product while at home?
    MaxDiff Question
    By putting specific options in front of participants, you can tie their answer choices to factors that matter most to your team.


Additional Questions

  • How often are you out of the house?
  • When you’re home, how many leisure hours do you have?
  • Where are you most likely to use this product?
  • How do you use this product at home?
  • How do you use this product when you’re out of the house?
  • How many hours do you spend on this platform each day?
  • How much do you agree: “My habits are different when I’m at home”
  • Describe your routine when you get home.