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Product Development Test Template

Whitespace Opportunities

Why should you use this template? 

Every team has different ideas for discovering whitespace opportunities for growth. Whether it be developing a whole new product, or expanding the capabilities of a current platform, we’re all looking to make a splash that causes the next big wave.

Online web surveys are invaluable for discovering new opportunities thanks to their ability to quickly put you in touch with large amounts of users from your target audience. Getting rapid feedback from a relevant group of participants allows your team to quickly cycle through ideas that you have on the table.

To find gold in the whitespace, you’ll need to open up lines of communication with your target audience and allow them to write as much as possible. Free response questions and qualitative follow-ups are key to the success of this template.


Testing Outcomes

  • Discover what challenges have not yet been solved for your audience
  • Learn how engaged participants are with your new concepts
  • Establish user habits to account for their needs


Organization Benefits

  • Learning your audience’s needs allows you to expand your platforms in ways that increase user engagement
  • Quickly brainstorm through ideas and bring data to the table to validate a direction for your team


Test Questions

  1. What are your biggest challenges with online banking from your mobile?
    Free Response
    Free response questions work great at the start of a survey to learn how your audience thinks of their own experiences.
  2. What is easiest to accomplish with online banking from your mobile?
    Free Response
    Separate your questions about difficulty and ease so that you get more pointed feedback from your participants about their experiences. This free response works great combined with the one above.
  3. Rank these banking features from Most Interesting to Least Interesting.
    Rank Order
    When you have a variety of new ideas and you’d like to see which has the best chance of producing results, use a question type like rank order to understand which bubbles to the top in terms of interest or importance.
  4. How often would you use this product?
    Likert Scale
    When you are trying to expand an existing web experience, start with behavioral feedback from participants so that they can familiarize themselves with their own habits.


Additional Questions

  • How often do you use this product?
  • What is the most satisfying part of using this product?
  • What is the most difficult part of using this product?
  • What is one thing you would change about this product?
  • How often do you find a need to use this product?
  • Which of these features would be most useful for you to have?
  • How satisfied are you with the current experience on this platform?
  • What parts of this platform do you use most and use least?
  • If we offered this product, how likely would you be to purchase it?
  • How likely would you be to suggest this platform to your friends and family?