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Positioning strategy template

Product Development Test Template

Positioning Strategy

Why should you use this template? 

How can you attract customers by leveraging your unique position in the market? This is the question that positioning strategy aims to answer. 

With this test, you can pinpoint the features critical to your customer’s success. When you know what makes your product stand out, you can start to beat the competition.

Along with what makes your product unique is understanding how your product is perceived. Perceptions may not seem as important as the features of a product, but recent trends have proven otherwise.


Testing Outcomes

  • Evaluate your product’s positioning statement
  • Learn your user’s feature prioritization’s 
  • Inform your product’s unique selling point (USP)


Organization Benefits

  • Strengthen positioning strategy, a foundational element of any successful brand
  • Apply findings in other contexts (e.g., persona-building)


Test Questions

  1. How do you feel about this company based on this page?
    Likert Scale
    Start from the ground up–what are their first impressions of your brand or product? Ask a follow-up to learn what their early thoughts are.
  2. What words would you use to describe this brand/product to a friend?
    Free Response
    Start to uncover the sentiment that participants hold for your product. Keep an eye out for themes to discover existing pain points.
  3. Rank the benefits on this page from Most Important to Least Important based on what is important to you.
    Rank Order
    See how participants will prioritize features of your product. Use a follow-up to understand the why behind their rankings.
  4. How does this company compare to those other brands?
    Likert Scale
    Build on your knowledge of the competition. What makes your product stand out?


Additional Questions

  • What was your first reaction to the product?
  • Are you familiar with our products/services? If so, how did you discover our brand?
  • How would you describe our products to a friend?
  • When you think of our brand, what comes to mind?
  • If you had to describe our brand in three words, what would they be?
  • How likely are you to recommend our brand to your friends?
  • How would you describe your last experience with our brand?
  • How did you become aware of our brand and the products/services we offer?
  • What have you heard (both positive and negative) about our brand?
  • What was your first impression when you interacted with our company for the first time?