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Product Development Test Template

Rapid Concept Testing

Why should you use this template? 

Concept testing is something every team needs to get ahead of so they don’t fall behind the competition. For those companies that don’t have the capital to dump money into new projects on a whim (which is most of us), rapid concept testing is key to finding the most engaging direction for your team. The fun part is, concept testing is a place where you can put anything you have in front of participants to get the idea across: visual example, quick sketch, or even an audio explanation.

Putting your concepts to the tests can often be confused as a purely reactionary process: you create the ideas, your audience reacts to them. However, rapid online surveys can also play an integral role in unearthing information that allows you to develop new concepts for testing.

RAPID is the main focus here. Using unmoderated web surveys allows you to get feedback in a matter of minutes, so you can ask your questions in the morning and be moving on to new ideas by the afternoon based on the data you see.


Testing Outcomes

  • Evaluate the level of comprehension with your concepts
  • Establish user interest in each of your team’s ideas
  • Measure possible long-term engagement with your idea


Organization Benefits

  • Rapid testing allows you to quickly prioritize a list of ideas your team has on the table
  • Concept testing can give you the evidence you need to push forward an idea that is being debated by your team


Test Questions

  1. How well do you understand this feature idea?
    Likert Scale
    First, establish comprehension. You want to make sure your audience is on the same page as you before getting into the specifics of their engagement with the idea.
  2. How interested would you be in this feature?
    Numerical Scale
    10 point scales are a great tool for getting gut quantitative reactions from participants, and are made even more valuable when paired with Helio’s follow-up questions.
  3. How often would you use this feature?
    Multiple Choice
    If your audience seems interested at first, you want to measure how much engagement you might expect out of this new feature. Helio also has a Frequency option for Likert Scales that also works well for this type of question.
  4. How likely would you be to recommend this feature to a friend?
    Numerical Scale
    This puts the data from question #2 in a new context. If your audience likes the concept for themselves, could this possibly be a viral idea they would share?


Additional Questions

  • How interested would you be in using this product?
  • How often do you think you would use this product?
  • What impressions does this idea give you?
  • What are the most useful features you have seen for similar products?
  • What are your biggest challenges with taking this action?
  • Rank these features from most useful to least useful.
  • Which of these features would you prefer to add to this product?
  • On a scale of 0 to 10, how interested would you be in this idea?
  • What do you think would be the benefits of this feature?
  • How likely would you be to use this product over this competitor?
  • How likely would you be to purchase this new feature?