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Idea generation template

Product Development Test Template

Idea Generation

Why should you use this template?

One way to distinguish your brand in the market is to provide a uniqueness that your competitors lack in some way.

So why not go with the most bizarre idea your team can muster? Because the uniqueness of a new idea only adds value if it is relevant to your users’ needs.

Use this test to survey your market for unmet needs, points of curiosity, and determining the perceived value of your newest ideas. And if you aren’t segmenting your marketing and communication efforts–you should be. We included an example question to help you get started.


Testing Outcomes

  • Validate your latest product ideas
  • Compare expected vs perceived value of product ideas
  • Find overlooked corners of the market


Organization Benefits

  • Organically support lead generation efforts
  • Protect the quality of your ideation outcomes


Test Questions

  1. Which of the following factors are Most Important and Least Important to you?
    MaxDiff Question
    Discover untapped possibilities by asking customers to prioritize essential characteristics of your product.
  2. When you use your current online banking platform, what are your biggest challenges?
    Free Response
    Use these open-ended questions to gain rich insight into your customers’ cognitive processes.
  3. What would you change about your current online banking platform?
    Free Response
    Once you’ve asked participants to describe their pain points, you can be more direct by asking what your participants think should change about your product.
  4. On a scale from 0 to 10, how interested would you be in this feature?
    Numerical Scale
    Get a gut reaction from participants that can help prioritize the direction of your idea generation.


Additional Questions

  • “Are you responsible for making decisions when it comes to the marketing tools that your organization purchases?”
  • “Are you looking for a _____ platform currently?”
  • “What are the features that you are looking for in an _____ platform?”
  • “Where do you collect industry information from?”
  • “What are the different sources that you use to learn more about your business?”
  • “What are the industry trends that you want to learn more about?”
  • How could products on the market be improved?
  • What new products/features is there interest in?