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Packaging survey

Concept Testing Test Template


Why should you use this template?

Developing eye-catching, convenient, AND affordable packaging is essential to the success of any business, brick and mortar or online.

This test is designed to help you get the critical feedback you need to create the best packaging experience for your customers.

This test uses likert scale benchmarks and preference questions to get at the heart of what makes an exceptional unboxing.


Testing Outcomes

  • Evaluate the performance of your packaging in terms of uniqueness, ease of opening, quality and scan-ability
  • Capture your customer’s first impressions of new packaging concepts
  • Assess the influence of packaging on purchasing decisions


Organization Benefits

  • Testing your packaging concepts early will save you time and money by keeping you on target from day 1
  • Exceptional packaging becomes a valuable form of advertising for your brand


Test Questions

  1. How often do you pay attention to the packaging that your clothes are delivered in?
    Likert Scale
    Start out by identifying your customer’s expectations for packaging before showing your new concept.
  2. How do you feel about this company’s packaging?
    Likert Scale
    Next, show your users the product itself. Again, the exact prompt you give here may depend on your specific needs.
  3. Compared to similar products, how unique is this packaging?
    Numerical Scale
    Continue evaluating your customer’s opinion of your packaging by asking about uniqueness. Include a follow-up to determine how influential this factor is.
  4. What impressions does this packaging give you?
    Multiple Choice
    Provide 8-10 impression options for participants, split between positive and negative emotions. Use single word answer options to simplify the decision making for participants.
  5. How much do you think packaging influences your decision to purchase a product?
    Numerical Scale
    Finish out the test by asking them for their perceived influence by packaging. Keep in mind that people may be unaware of the full impact that packaging can have, but it still helps to ask.


Additional Questions

  • Overall, how well do you like or dislike the packaging?
  • Think about the quality of the packaging. How would you rate it?
  • How easy or difficult would it be to open this packaging?
  • How unique is the package design?
  • Based on this packaging, how interesting do you think the product is?
  • With this packaging, how easy or difficult would it be to find this product in the store?
  • With this packaging, how likely or unlikely would you be to buy this product?
  • Would this package be easy to spot on a shelf or website?
  • Does this package reflect the needs and wants of your audience?