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New products and prototypes

Concept Testing Test Template

New Products & Prototypes

Why should you use this template?

New features and products are a great way of addressing needs for your customers while simultaneously engaging your user base. The question is: how far do you go building out your new idea before putting it to the test?

Our suggestion: stop what you’re doing and start getting feedback now. Even if you’ve just scratched out your idea on a restaurant napkin, you can present that concept (and yes, even the napkin drawing!) to participants to evaluate how it’s perceived.

In the case where you’ve already made it all the way through the production phase of your new product, you can still get your new prototype in front of users to polish the edges and work out any early pain points. Just drop a few screens into Figma and create a quick prototype, it’s super easy!


Testing Outcomes

  • Learn what the early market reaction is to your product ideas
  • Evaluate mock-ups that have already made the production phase
  • Measure user reception to early ideas for your new product


Organization Benefits

  • While you’re still in the beta phase, smooth out your product release by getting feedback on your prototypes 
  • Take advantage of your current user base and learn how you can best engage them with your new product


Test Questions

  1. What are your biggest challenges when dealing with your credit score?
    Free Response
    Open up the problem space by getting participants to explain their needs and identify their current struggles. This can be used to validate the need for your new concepts.
  2. How well do you understand what this product does?
    Likert Scale
    When you’re ready to put your ideas in front of users, start with a comprehension gauge to make sure the concept comes across correctly.
  3. How interested would you be in using this new product?
    Numerical Scale
    Once you’ve established comprehension, move on to evaluating interest. This is where follow-up questions are valuable in seeing the qualitative feedback along with the quantitative data point.
  4. How often would you visit this product?
    Multiple Choice
    Once you have the basics covered, move into establishing behavioral expectations for participants. Feel free to adjust these types of questions to the goals of your product.


Additional Questions

  • How do you feel about the current tools you have to solve this problem?
  • On a scale of 0 to 10, how interested would you be in using this tool?
  • How often would you use this product?
  • Out of the following options, what do you expect this product to be called?
  • How do you feel this product could help with your needs?
  • What difficulties do you expect to have with this product?
  • How often have you used this new product?
  • Have you used this new product yet?
  • On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely would you be to recommend this product to a friend?