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Concept Testing Test Template

Creative & Ad Concepts

Why should you use this template?

Committing to an ad campaign before testing the waters is a sure fire way to watch the money go down the drain.

Prevent this disaster from the start by testing your newest concepts with a validated, Helio audience.

This test will evaluate the quality of information you’re conveying, the emotional reactions of real, targeted people, and the overall market fit of the ad concept.

Most importantly, use this test to determine which variation of your ads will convert the most sales.


Testing Outcomes

  • Assess quality and comprehension of information
  • Ensure a good market fit between your ads and your audience
  • Make an informed decision between competing ads


Organization Benefits

  • Advertising is an enormous expense—using this test is to protect your investment
  • Choosing the most optimized version of your ad guarantees the greatest possible profit


Test Questions

  1. What type of tone would you expect the websites for these platforms to have?
    Likert Scale
    When you’re thinking of a new creative direction, first ensure that it falls in line with your target audience’s expectations.
  2. When it comes to deciding what products to use, which of these factors are Most Important and Least Important?
    MaxDiff Question
    See what’s on the minds of participants before offering up your ideas.
  3. How well do you understand what this page is promoting?
    Likert Scale
    Next, get a measure of their perceived comprehension. Then, ask a follow-up to test their actual comprehension.
  4. What impressions does the look of this banking website give you?
    Multiple Choice
    Impression gauges like this are great for understanding whether your creative concepts have hit the right mark.


Additional Questions

  • Which of the following [industry] retailers are you aware of?
  • Which of the following [industry] retailers are you willing to purchase from in the future?
  • Review the images below. Which of these do you like the most? Why?
  • Which of these images you do like the least?
  • After reviewing these concepts, which of the following offers is most enticing to you?
  • After viewing those ads, how likely are you to try services at [brand name]?
  • Which of the following best describes your age?
  • Which of the following genders do you most identify with? 
  • Which of the following best describes your total annual household income?
  • Which of the following ethnicities best describes you?