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Concept Testing Test Template

Logo Testing

Why should you use this template?

Your logo is your battle cry. It’s often the first thing potential customers see of your business, and it usually exists throughout your web experience. Whether you’re just starting out, or planning a big brand refresh, gathering user feedback on your logo variations is key to choosing the right direction.

Like names or titles, deciding on a logo can be a long and personal process. Once you’ve established a direction that you think fits your business, you can then see if your target audience feels the same way about your new logo idea.


Test Outcomes

  • Gauge how well your logo represents your business
  • Learn how participants feel about different logo options
  • Compare emotional reactions based on qualitative responses


Organization Benefits

  • Develop a quantitative method of measuring and comparing emotional reactions to name options
  • Base brand strategy decisions on user feedback get your team aligned in a single direction


Test Questions

  1. How do you feel about this logo?
    Free Response
    Gauge how well your logo represents your business or the idea that you want to convey. Ask participants to describe the purpose of your logo, the entity it represents, or just how it makes them feel to see their initial reactions.
  2. What impressions does this logo give you?
    Multiple Choice
    Give 8-10 different emotions or impressions to participants and ask them to select all that apply to the logo options you’ve presented. Half of these answer options should be positive impressions that you want your logo or brand to instill in customers; the other half are negative options that represent impressions that you want to avoid. Use single-word answer options to simplify the decision making for participants.
  3. Which of these 3 logos makes you most interested in banking with this company?
    Preference Test
    If you have up to 3 logo variations, end your survey by putting them right next to each other and asking participants for their direct preference between the three. Think about what is most important for your logo to convey, and ask which best conveys that feeling. Sometimes, for more subjective A/B comparisons like color schemes or typefaces, it’s okay to simply ask for direct preference between the different variations.

Repeat this survey once for each logo option you have.


Additional Questions

  • After seeing this logo, how interested are you in exploring this company’s product?
  • Based on the description, how well does this logo represent our company?
  • Briefly describe what this company does based on the logo.
  • On a scale of 0-10, how innovative do you believe this logo is?
  • How well does this logo do to convey the company’s vision?