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Concept Testing Test Template

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Why should you use this template?

Skip the hassle of in-person taste tests and interviews with participants munching on snacks as you anxiously await your lunch hour. Using web surveys, you can get rapid feedback from 10 times as many participants, and learn even more about their preferences and habits.

With the use of unmoderated Helio surveys, you can plan out all your questions and attack several different aspects of your participants’ culinary traits. Get them to pour their heart out in a free response about their favorite meals, or understand their taste profiles by asking what type of variety they like in their food (pineapple on pizza!). 

The use of this rapid testing allows you to rapidly make changes to your own culinary experiments and bring new ideas to the table that you know will be an instant hit with your customers.


Testing Outcomes

  • Develop a taste profile for your participants based on their habits and preferences
  • Learn how participants make decisions in their own culinary practices
  • Discover new secrets to take your own recipes to the next level


Organization Benefits

  • Understanding what recipes your audience will engage with allows you to avoid the hassle of finding new resources for your selection of ingredients
  • Learn what participants are most likely to take interest in for your online culinary content


Test Questions

  1. How often do you cook for yourself?
    Likert Scale
    If you’re not directly targeting a culinary audience, you may want to use quantitative questions to weed out the participants that have the most relevant feedback to give.
  2. Who do you cook for?
    Multiple Choice
    This multiple choice will tell you if there are other taste preferences you have to account for when it comes to what your audience will engage with.
  3. What type of pizza do you prefer?
    Multiple Choice
    If you’re simply looking to establish a favorite ingredient from your audience, using a popular food with a variety of known recipes (like pizza or ice cream) is a quick way to understand preferences.
  4. How confident are you that this recipe would work well?
    Numerical Scale
    For all the culinary experts in your audience, see what they think about alterations of your recipes using quick quantitative questions. Helio’s follow-ups are great to combine with these questions for some extra qualitative validation!


Additional Questions

  • What are your favorite foods?
  • How often do you cook?
  • What are your favorite foods to cook?
  • When you cook at home, who are you cooking for?
  • Do you have a child(s) that you provide meals to each day?
  • Out of the following options, which of these pizza ingredients would you prefer?
  • How likely would you be to add this ingredient to this recipe?
  • How confident are you that this ingredient would work well in this recipe?
  • What recipes do you typically make with this as the primary ingredient?
  • If you could choose any, what type of ice cream would you prefer to eat?