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Concept Testing Test Template

Company Claims

Why should you use this template?

You need to capture your audience’s attention, and lofty promises and success stories are a quick way of proving quality. But are your claims trusted? Or do they create an impression of skepticism with your company?

There’s a correct balance to strike between providing examples of success and bragging about your success. You also have to stay within the realm of belief while stretching visitors’ imagination of what is themselves.

With so many factors to account for, it’s important to gather feedback from participants to make sure you achieve the balance you’re looking for and produce interest for the right reasons.


Testing Outcomes

  • Gauge user engagement after being introduced to your company’s claims
  • Find the balance between too much and too little when advertising your company’s success
  • Discover vehicles for producing trust with your audience


Organization Benefits

  • Learning what matters most to participants allows you to prioritize claims and how you deliver them
  • You can use the information gained from your testing to produce ideas that drive trust in your brand


Test Questions

  1. Rank these factors from Most Important to Least Important when thinking of working with a company.
    Rank Order
    Before you even bring up your claims, start by gaining a sense of what matters overall to your audience.
  2. What does this claim mean to you?
    Free Response
    After getting participants familiar with your claim, start by getting their open feedback about what it means to them. This free response can be customized to your needs, but the idea remains the same: let your audience talk before you ask more direct questions.
  3. What impressions does this claim give you?
    Multiple Choice
    Give 8-10 different emotions or impressions to participants and ask them to select all that apply to the claim you’ve presented. Use single-word answer options to simplify the decision making for participants.
  4. Based on this claim, how likely would you be to sign up for this service?
    Numerical Scale
    Finish things off with a quantitative measurement of your claims success by gauging participants likelihood of taking the preferred action on the page.


Additional Questions

  • On a scale of 0 to 10, how interested are you based on this page?
  • What is the most important part of this page? Testimonials? Stats?
  • What do you look for first when exploring companies to work with?
  • How often do you take into account the claim made on this page?
  • On a scale of 0 to 10, how much do you trust the information on this page?
  • What would you do after seeing this information: sign up? Research more?
  • What are your impressions of the info on this page: Engaging? Unnecessary?