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Shopper segmentation

Shopping Insights Test Template

Shopper Segmentation

Why should you use this template?

Boost your competitive edge over rival companies and maximize your customer’s value to your business by grouping customers according to certain characteristics. Segmenting provides vital clues necessary for developing personalized experiences for the shopper.

Offering products whose customer segments indicate a predictably high profit margin is a widely accepted strategy, and it enables your investment to less profitable but equally important segments, products and services.

Investing in your customers for the future means you understand your customer groupings, now and for the life of your business.


Testing Outcomes

  •   Quantify details of individuals actively engaging your business
  •   Identify their diversities and commonalities
  •   Summarize customers’ demographics including economic status


Organization Benefits

  •   Strategize for the many individual customer types you serve
  •   Understand how to view profits in relation to customer groups
  •   Ensure your business’ life by investing in your customer spectrum


Test Questions

  1. Where do you prefer to shop for formal clothing?
    Multiple Choice
    Gives answer options that are pertinent to your business questions. Having one key anchor question can help segment audiences and develop unique personas.
  2. How often do you shop for formal clothing?
    Likert Scale
    Since most shoppers won’t remember exactly how many times they visit a store, give a scale with choices approximating what they do know.
  3. Rank these factors in order from Most Important to Least Important when deciding where to buy formal clothing.
    Rank Order
    Priorities given to your many product attributes allow a discussion on how business focus can change to the demand. Knowing the relative importance keeps all the factors in view.
  4. What is your price range when you are planning to buy a new formal outfit?
    Multiple Choice
    Ask for a price range. It reveals how customers use wishful thinking and yet face real expectations.


Additional Questions

  • What is your monthly household income?  
  • Which best describes your family?
  • Are you the primary wage earner of the household?
  • Do you shop for clothes online?
  • How often do you go clothes shopping?
  • How many people do you go clothes shopping for?
  • How often do you buy clothes for others?