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Shopping Insights Test Template

Answer Questions

Why should you use this template?

Your customers need your attention as much as you need theirs. Don’t let a few gaps in your information architecture become an abyss of support issues!

It may seem redundant to list information on a FAQ page when that same info is carefully built already into your content structure. But users often still cannot find it, nor have the time to explore for the right info in the right place. Search fields may not function for specific details either.

Having a copious FAQ page providing validated customer questions and answers – as well as outliers – will win the hearts and minds of the shoppers.


Testing Outcomes

  • Discover An abundance of content provided by users themselves
  • Develop insights to what users expect to find, but don’t
  • Eliminate the guesswork of what should be on your FAQ page


Organizational Benefits

  • Provides a clear empathetic benefit to both company and customer
  • Can prevent a burdensome support ticket backlog
  • A proven fault tolerance element for even the best designed sites
  • Builds brand loyalty by establishing trust
  • Removes obstacles to conversions


Test Questions

  1. How often do you visit a website’s FAQ page?
    Likert Scale
    Get to know their habits for using FAQs.
  2. What has been most difficult about your experience with other sites’ FAQ pages?
    Free Response
    It will help you to know specific issues other FAQ pages have that frustrate people.
  3. How much do you agree with this statement? “This FAQ section answers all my questions about an online clothing store.”
    Likert Scale
    There may be room for improvement even if just one answer was all they needed. Provide a way to express they might want more.
  4. Click where you would go if your questions haven’t been answered on this page.
    Click Test
    In a menu, or at the footer? Your designer would love to know how to best serve your visitors by featuring your contact link in the right places.


Additional Questions

  • Have you used our FAQ page?
  • Was your inquiry answered there? 
  • How was your experience with the FAQ page?
  • If an answer was not provided, please ask your question here: 
  • Are there any other questions you would like to see answered? 
  • Does the FAQ page cover all the issues you think visitors to the site may need?
  • Is there any information not listed below that you think should be added?