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Shopping Insights Test Template


Why should you use this template?

Converting your business inventory flow with promotional events grows the communication channels that draw new customers.

To balance the efficiency across your marketing channels, you should make sure you are finding the right people for the right products.

Using this survey, not only will you test the efficiency of your promotions, but it may reveal untapped channels you have yet to explore by evoking insights about the data your customers volunteer.


Testing Outcomes

  • Uncover the realms that funnel customers to promotional channels
  • Get some real numbers on your shoppers’ promotion spending and attitudes
  • Hear sentiments about your promotions and the comparisons customers make


Organization Benefits

  • Evaluate promotional events already in use
  • Anticipate behavior by learning your customers’ expectations about offers
  • Participate in diversification of marketing channels


Test Questions

  1. Click on what catches your eye first on this page.
    Click Test
    See how well your ad works as eye candy on a third party site.
  2. How often do you click on promotions when on other sites?
    Likert Scale
    Now start on more thoughtful questions. This one should not be hard for them.
  3. How satisfied are you with this promotional price?
    Likert Scale
    Most customers will have a good sense of what to say here. A key factor in evaluating the popularity of promotions.
  4. How often are you in the market for this type of product?
    Multiple Choice
    You will have an idea on this, but validation is important, and outliers will surprise you.


Additional Questions

  • How often do you visit this site/store?
  • Do you pay attention to sales promotions when shopping here?
  • How do you find information about our promotions?
  • How do you find information about promotions at other stores you shop?
  • What would you normally spend when you shop here?
  • How often will you take advantage of sales prices on things you don’t plan to buy?
  • Do you think this store has frequent sales?
  • Have promotions generally saved you money?
  • What things are you more willing to buy if they are on sale?
  • To what extent do you agree to the following?