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Shopping Insights Test Template

Consumer Perception

Why should you use this template?

There is no more direct way to find out what people think about your business than to just ask! Opinions and criticism can be hard to take, but there is no better way forward to a great customer experience than hearing them out.

This survey will give you the opportunity to learn how your target audience thinks about your product or brand. These likes and dislikes can lead to breakthroughs in how you work with your customers.


Testing Outcomes

  • Build awareness of public perception of your brand presence or meaning
  • Gather feedback to establish pain points and highlights


Organization Benefits

  • Form a solid factual background to defining customer journey
  • Enable decision-making regarding weaknesses in shoppers’ perceptions
  • Understand and act upon customer opinions strategically


Test Questions

  1. How well do you understand what this page is showing?
    Likert Scale
    Start by hearing what they say about the site in most general terms.
  2. How interested are you in what is being offered by this company?
    Numerical Scale
    Now similarly ask about their core motivation to start them thinking.
  3. Based on this page, what impressions does this company give you?
    Multiple Choice
    Move the questioning to the company and how their feelings relate to it.
  4. How would you describe your overall opinion of this brand?
    Free Response
    By contrast, you can probe for an open opinion in their own words. A good opportunity for someone who has a lot to say.


Additional Questions

  • Are you familiar with our products/services?
  • When you think of our brand, what comes to mind?
  • If you had to describe our brand in three words, what would they be?
  • Have you heard of any of the following brands?
  • How often do you typically purchase [your brand]? 
  • How would you describe [your brand] to a friend?
  • Who do you think [your brand] is aimed at?
  • How satisfied are you with your experience?
  • How Expensive is Brand X?
  • How familiar are you with ‘X’ brand?
  • How trustworthy is this brand?