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Sick Design Introduction

Sick Design: A Preface and the Prescription

​​The positive impact that design can have in your organization is immense. It’s no secret that companies with a design focus outperform the market. But while most people realize that design is important, few realize that, in many organizations, it’s sick. Not to worry, we have the cure to sick design.

We’ve worked with more than 300 companies and startups to help them design better websites, products and services, and we’ve seen all kinds of unhealthy design. The good news? Many of these problems are curable. 

All the Conditions of Sick Design

We’ve assembled this list of the top 13 contagious design conditions that plague companies and the best remedies for treating them. 

  1. Buildus Sans Testus
  2. Blabbus Continuous 
  3. Lackus Visibilitus 
  4. Progressum Deceptus 
  5. Toolus Overloadum
  6. Absentium Stakeholdus 
  7. Changeum Resistus 
  8. Notificatum Overwhelmus 
  9. Testum Erroneous 
  10. Non Comprehendus 
  11. Wastus Effortum 
  12. Kingus Assum 
  13. Tempus Difficultus 

Let this be your Hippocratic Corpus on all design ailments and how to cure them. No need to call a doctor, we’re fully licensed practitioners who can write a prescription to what ails your organization.