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Run Fast

Run fast, bite hard, and fear nothing

The nuts and bolts: Try some stuff and break things. And if you’re going to fail, run fast. The celebration of failure is one of the things that built the tech industry and Silicon Valley.

‘Run Fast, Bite Hard, And Fear Nothing’ — Adage from dog trainers the world over.

But maybe this doesn’t work anymore?

“Over the coming decades, however, agility will take on a new meaning: the ability to explore multiple domains at once and combine them into something that produces value. We’ll need computer scientists working with cancer scientists, for example, to identify specific genetic markers that could lead to a cure. To do this, we’ll need to learn how to go slower to have a greater impact.”

Run fast with Helio, testing your ideas at every stage of development. We’ve got lots of test templates to get you started with ease. Like this one:

Validate Product Interest Test

Measure demand and gather gut reactions to your product from real consumers all before committing to an expensive launch.

Use this template for:

  • Shopping Insights
  • Get your early ideas in front of your actual audience and potential users
  • See which ideas stick with your audience and which don’t
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