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Consumer Profiling Test Template

Decision-Making Processes

Why should you use this template?

Unlock new insights for your team to explore with this specialized consumer survey. This template hones in on the stages of your consumers’ decision-making processes so that you can understand yet another facet of your consumer base.

Use the data from this survey to validate personas and further detail the unique characteristics of your consumers.


Testing Outcomes

  • Revamp personas with fresh customer feedback to retain their value.
  • Diagnose the decision-making styles of your customers.
  • Advance existing mental models with new data.


Organization Benefits

  • Cultivate a nuanced understanding of the consumer to inform your campaign efforts.
  • Forge ahead with renewed empathy for your customer and their experiences.


Test Questions

  1. How do you decide where to shop online?
    Free Response
    Open up the problem space by getting a written explanation from participants about their actions and experiences.
  2. Rank the following from Most Important to Least Important regarding your decision making.
    Rank Order
    Use this ranking questions to see how participants quantify their own decision making across your target audience.
  3. On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to ask for advice when shopping for clothes online?
    Numerical Scale
    These next two questions work hand in hand to see what other elements work into a participant’s decision making. Start by seeing if these alternative factors enter into the mind of your participants at all.
  4. Who would you be Most Likely and Least Likely to ask for advice?
    MaxDiff Question
    For those participants who indicated they would take advice in the previous question, you can provide this final follow-up to see who is most likely to affect their decision making.
  5. How do you prefer to search for clothes on this page?
    Free Response
    If you like to gather reactions on a specific page, put your visual asset in front of participants and see how they evaluate their decision making on the page. For a more interactive test, use a click question to see where participants would take action.


Additional Questions

  • How often do you take on these types of responsibilities?
  • Who do you have to consult with before making a decision in your workplace?
  • How often are you made the primary decision maker for a project?
  • Do you want to be a decision maker?
  • How often do you need to make these types of decisions?