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Consumer Profiling Test Template

Product Usage

Why should you use this template?

Product usage surveys can be applied to many contexts. Most often, these efforts focus on evaluating product use, satisfaction, and explore the possibility of repurchase behaviors.

Use this template if you are looking for a general profile of your consumers, or if you are looking to gauge interest in a new concept, or if you’re collecting data to build personas.

The running theme in these testing methods is how valuable customer feedback can truly be. These product surveys offer one more way to get more of it!


Testing Outcomes

  • Chart your customers’ behaviors and opinions of your products.
  • Inform future consumer profiling efforts with real customer feedback.
  • Develop understanding of the context in which your consumers interact with your brand.


Organization Benefits

  • Maintaining open communication between consumer and brand is always a positive.
  • Insight into the context of your consumers’ lives will be invaluable to your product team as they work to improve user experience.


Test Questions

  1. How often do you use an online banking app?
    Likert Scale
    This likert question will uncover patterns in user behaviors with your product. This can also be used as a multiple choice question for more specific frequency data.
  2. Typically, where are you when you use this product?
    Multiple Choice
    Multiple choice questions like this one give real consumers the opportunity to share the contexts in which they use your product. Free responses are also great to use if you’d like some outside the box answers from your audience.
  3. What other mobile banking platforms have you tried?
    Multiple Choice
    Start to survey the competition by examining past tools. A follow-up can add to your understanding.
  4. How would you talk about this product to a friend?
    Free Response
    This free response hones in on the qualitative side of the NPS score that follows.
  5. How likely are you to recommend this product to a friend?
    Numerical Scale
    The numerical scale question-type is perfect for the NPS measure–an established metric in product usage research.


Additional Questions

  • Where do you primarily use ____?
  • How often are you using the product as compared to a month ago?
  • How familiar are you with using ___?
  • What other brands of [product category] have you tried?
  • Why did you try ____?
  • Did the product meet your expectations?
  • How would you describe our product?
  • What would you use as an alternative to this product?
  • Did you consider other options? What did that process look like?
  • What is your favorite part of the app/product/service?
  • What problems do you want to bring to my attention?
  • Why do you use this product?
  • What problem are you trying to solve with this product?
  • How likely are you to recommend this product to others?