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Consumer Profiling Test Template

Consumer Motivation

Why should you use this template?

To deliver the best product, you need to know your audience. With a consumer motivation survey, you can begin to understand the who, what, when, where, and why of your customers’ interactions with your brand. 

This template is flexible; it could be used “as is” to focus on the evaluation of a product category, or it could be modified to ask about an entire brand or even a single product. This versatility is one of the strengths of this test type.

You can also incorporate findings from a consumer motivation survey into a full scale customer journey mapping effort. For more information on journey mapping, check out one of our other templates here. Just be sure to consider how context might shift across these methods.


Testing Outcomes

  • Collect genuine thoughts and experiences directly from real consumers
  • Document the unique effects of context on consumer behaviors with your brand
  • Identify any weak points in your customer’s experience leading up to the point of purchase 


Organization Benefits

  • Able to anticipate future behaviors by developing your consumer profiles
  • A better understanding of your market gives you a clear advantage over the competition


Test Questions

  1. Who is the primary decision-maker in your household?
    Multiple Choice
    Discover who are the main players in your audience’s decision making with a quick multiple choice selection.
  2. Distribute 100 points between the following factors based on which you find most important and least important to your decision making.
    Point Allocation
    This quantitative question allows for a more nuanced ranking of factors to understand what participants attribute the most importance to.
  3. When would you expect to find yourself on this page?
    Free Response
    Open the door for participants to explain what they’re mindset is when making decisions and what might lead them to your product.
  4. How satisfied are you with the app experience?
    Likert Scale
    If testing with your own customers, you can ask this question directly, or even ask for participants’ impressions of a popular competitor.
  5. Which of these impressions best represent how you feel about this company?
    Multiple Choice
    Give 8-10 different emotions or impressions to participants and ask them to select all that apply to the name options you’ve presented. Use single-word answer options to simplify the decision making for participants.


Additional Questions

  • What is your perception of the following brands?
  • What do you know about the following brands?
  • Which of the following brands have you used? 
  • How satisfied are you with the following brands you’ve used? 
  • Why did you choose to purchase from [insert brand used]
  • Which of the following factors are most important when deciding to purchase [example product]
  • How satisfied were you with each of the following factors when you purchased from [insert brand used]
  • How easy was it for you to purchase from [insert brand used]
  • How likely are you to recommend [insert brand used] to a friend or colleague?
  •  What motivates you to buy our company’s product(s) and service (s)?
  • From where did you purchase our product(s)?
  • What according to you would be the best way for vendors to build relationship with customers
  • Who is the primary decision maker in your household regarding this product category?