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13 Positioning Statements Worth Stealing

Good positioning statements copy, great positioning statements steal, to paraphrase Pablo Picasso. This guide gives you practical advice with loads of examples to steal.

We’ve spared no expense in bringing these examples to you. Breaking down the DNA components of some top brands’ positioning statements, so you can craft one of your own.

Oh, and don’t worry, once you plug in your own unique brand elements, you won’t even tell that it was swiped… um, borrowed… from another brand. 😉

How to Write a Brand Positioning Statement

A brand positioning statement lets you define your product and its target audience. More importantly, it lets you articulate where your product sits in the market.

It’s for your internal team’s eyes only and used to ensure your position strategy and brand messaging is consistent. You’d never ever let a customer see it.

Let’s take a look at what goes into a well-crafted position statement.

  • Target Market. Who are the consumers that your product or service is meant for? And how does your product fulfill a need they have?
  • Target Audience. Who do you actually expect to buy your product or service? This is a lot less broader than your target market.
  • Business category. How do you define your business? But you’ll want to get creative in how you do so. Doing so will help crafting snazzy brand taglines when the time comes.
  • Benefits and differentiations. How does your brand benefit your target audience? And how is it different from what’s already out there in the same space?

A small note before we jump into a template you can use. A positioning statement isn’t the same as your mission statement. Firstly, a customer is privy to the latter. And certainly, you can’t craft a mission statement without having a solid positioning statement.

Here’s a template for writing a position statement:

For (target customer) that needs/wants (need your product addresses), (your brand) is a (product category) that (how product solves customer’s need). Unlike (competitor), our product (how product differentiates from competition).

It’s an easy plug-and-play template you can follow. Let’s show you how.

13 Steal-Worthy Positioning Statement Examples

Now let’s get to the pilfering of positioning statements. Umm, we mean examples to inspire you to write your own. Yeah, that’s what we meant. Definitely not steal, except that’s what we meant.

1. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh delivery.

Amazon Fresh Delivery. (Photo Credit: Kyle Brazil)

For major city residents who want to save time on food shopping, Amazon Fresh is an online grocery service that delivers directly to your door. Unlike Instacart, Amazon Fresh inventory is always up-to-date, so you’ll always get exactly what you ordered — no surprises or last-minute substitutions.

2. DC Comics

DC Comics superheroes.

DC Comics’ superhero lineup. (Photo Credit: DC Comics)

For the avid comic book fan who wants thrilling stories told across media, DC Comics is the largest publisher of comics and graphic novels worldwide with TV, Film, and interactive game versions of its iconic characters. Unlike Marvel, DC Comics is home of the world’s greatest and first superheroes, such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

3. Disney Parks

Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. (Photo Credit: Disney Parks)

For kids and adults who wish to feel like kids again looking to temporarily escape into a world of fantasy, Disney Parks offers a magical experience through rides, shows, and an immersive environment. Unlike other theme parks, Disney Parks allows you to interact with the characters you love from Disney, Marvel Comics, and Star Wars.

4. Netflix

Netflix original movies logo.

Netflix original movies logo.

For those looking for a true in-home theater experience, Netflix streams original shows and films directly into your home, as well as an extensive back catalog of movies and TV shows from around the world. Unlike other streaming services, Netflix learns your taste and tailors your recommendations to match what you prefer to watch.

5. Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle coffee in Oakland, California. (Photo Credit: Blue Bottle Coffee)

For the discriminating coffee drinker who wants a delicious yet ethically-sourced cup of joe, Blue Bottle Coffee works directly with farmers to bring you fresh, peak-flavored gourmet coffee. Unlike other coffee companies, Blue Bottle Coffee has an eye toward sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of its operations.

6. Levis

Levi's jeans

Levi jeans. (Photo Credit: Mike Mozart)

For the denim wearer looking for a fashionable and durable pair of jeans, Levis is the original inventor of the blue jean and brings 150 years of manufacturing experience to every pair. Unlike other jean manufacturers, Levis adheres to a strong set of values: empathy, originality, integrity, and courage.

7. British Airways

British Airways

British Airbus taking flight. (Photo Credit: Pedro Aragão)

For the jet-setter who needs to travel across the world, British Airways provides world-class excellence for long-haul flights with comfort, service, and in-flight entertainment. Unlike other international airlines, we have a fleet of 254 planes traveling to 183 destinations worldwide.

8. Blue Apron

Blue Apron Delivery

Blue Apron kit. (Photo Credit: Blue Apron)

For those who want to cook at home but don’t have the necessary ingredients, Blue Apron provides complete meal kits with recipes and the ingredients directly to your door. Unlike other grocery delivery services, Blue Apron sources ingredients directly from suppliers to keep costs affordable and sustainable.

9. XBox Game Pass

XBox Game Pass

XBox Game Pass. (Photo Credit: Microsoft)

For the serious gamer who wants immediate access to video games, XBox Game Pass streams over a hundred games directly to your XBox console for a monthly subscription. Unlike Sony’s Playstation Now, XBox Game Pass offers games from Bandai Namco, Capcom, and several other publishers.

10. Lyft

Lyft App

(Photo Credit: Thought Catalog)

For the urban commuter who needs a reliable and easy means of transportation, Lyft offers an alternative to the Taxi industry, matching riders directly with drivers without the fuss of hailing a cab. Unlike Uber, Lyft offers a subscription service for frequent riders so they can save money.

11. Louis Vuitton

ouis Vuitton store in Paris, France.

Louis Vuitton store in Paris, France. (Photo Credit: zoetnet)

For fashion trendsetters who want a luxury brand, Louis Vuitton offers stylish, elegant luxurious accessories from one of the world’s oldest and leading fashion brands. Unlike other fashion houses, Louis Vuitton actively combats counterfeiting so that consumers can have confidence they’re being sold an original not a copy.

12. Pepsi

Pepsi Cola

Pepsi sign. (Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder)

For the soda drinker looking for a little pep in their step, Pepsi offers several carbonated beverages to satiate thirst and the taste buds. Unlike Coke, Pepsi packs more caffeine and flavor in each sip… giving a drinker a jolt of both energy and taste.

13. Helio (Last but not Least!)

Helio App by ZURB

Helio App by ZURB.

For product teams that need quick answers to make snap decisions, Helio offers survey templates and access to targeted audiences in a variety of industries. Unlike other survey tools, Helio vets its audience.

Write One of Your Own and Forge a Strong Positioning Strategy

So take any one of these and steal away… we mean write away! And if you want to learn how to create a rock-solid brand positioning strategy, we have more articles for you.

And if you have one now, why not put it to the test with our Helio template. Check it out: 

Positioning Strategy Test

Zero in on what makes your product sparkle to better communicate its value to your market.

Use this template for:

  • Product Development
  • Customer Attraction
  • Position Leverage
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