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Wholesale Industry

Audience Description

Participants who work within the wholesale industry typically work within a company that buys or sells goods.  The wholesale industry consists of both merchants and agents within the industry.

Since the wholesale industry can include individuals, businesses, and organizations participants typically have great communication skills and have a keen grasp of purchasing trends within the industry.

Interesting Participant Qualities

We surveyed our audience of wholesale industry participants to understand how they feel about their job and their favorite aspects are.

18% of participants in the wholesale industry indicated they are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their current role.

Wholesale Panelist Quotes

“looking for a fresh start – no room for advancement.”

“I thought I would make more sales but i cant make as much too many fees on selling platforms”

“It is repetitive work and I get freedom in my job.”

“This doesn’t require that much effort as compared to the jobs I did in past”

Common Wholesale Industry Roles

This audience is made up of participants who hold job titles and roles in the wholesale industry. Each of these professionals can be targeted individually, or roles can be combined to create larger audiences.

  • Internal Wholesaler – By finding and exploring new prospects, as well as designing and implementing sales and marketing strategies, the Internal Wholesaler works with the designated Business Development Manager(s) (BDM) to grow sales of Equity Trust products.
  • Wholesale intake Manager – This position will be responsible for developing systems that assure a focus on the partner experience, high-quality loan submissions to underwriting, and quick FHA support with case requests/cancellations, as well as providing continuing training, coaching, and mentoring to the team. This role reports directly to the Director of Wholesale Operations and is completely remote.
  • Wholesale Sales – Workers in wholesale sales sell goods to retailers and other businesses. These people operate in a variety of fields, including plumbing supplies, apparel, pharmaceuticals, and health care items. Salespeople work for wholesalers, which buy products from a variety of manufacturers and distribute them to retailers. Because dealing with dozens or even hundreds of different manufacturers can be challenging for retailers, they frequently choose to buy through wholesalers.
  • Wholesale Assistant – A wholesale assistant supports our account executives’ tasks. The wholesale assistant should help with sample selections, suggest replacements for discontinued stock, and review sales data. In every case, they should encourage customers to buy bulk.  They’ll need sophisticated data analysis and strategic strategies to succeed as a warehouse assistant. In the end, a great warehouse assistant will be proactive, especially when it comes to purchasing purchase orders.
  • Wholesale buyer – A wholesale buyer purchases items for a wholesale company to resale and profit from. Restocking wholesale inventory is also part of their responsibilities. They can work full-time, part-time, or on a contract basis in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, automobiles, and food services.