UX Researcher

Transform experiences with data-driven insights

Gather comprehensive UX insights using Helio to inform user experience strategy and design.

In-depth User Understanding

Gain a deep understanding of user needs, behaviors, and pain points. Form the basis of a user-centered design strategy.

Validated UX Hypotheses

Test and validate UX hypotheses with real user data. Ensure UX decisions are evidence-based and effective.

Continuous Improvement Loop

Establish a feedback loop for continuous product improvement. Facilitate ongoing enhancements based on user feedback.

Fast results, improved KPIs

User Satisfaction Ratings

Direct user feedback on their experience.

Success Rate

Rate at which users successfully complete key tasks.

Average Time on Task

Average time users spend on primary tasks.

Error Rate

Frequency and type of errors users encounter.

Case Study

Relevance of Brand Imagery

Brand Tracking

Develop effective brand imagery for IU Online, driving greater user engagement and loyalty.

Data-Informed Product Discovery Insights

Create amazing product experiences that will delight your users.

Develop products that your team can be proud of. Use logic branching to keep your users engaged and collect only the relevant information, without any unnecessary fluff.

Improve the discoverability of your content

Discover the areas where people tend to get lost and determine the reasons behind it, then take action to fix it. Utilize tree testing to assess how easy it is for users to find and understand the structure of your website, app, or intranet. By testing, refining, and validating your design choices, you can create a user-friendly digital experience that is easy for your users to navigate.

Uncover how people organize information

Create content that aligns with user thinking. Card sorting reveals user mental models, enabling you to design an effective information structure. Helio provides participants with a user-friendly and enjoyable online card-sorting experience.

Streamline your product learning

Get real-time report updates with each response. Watch as Helio instantly updates your report summary whenever new responses come in. Stay in the loop with bite-sized info that keeps you up to date!

Dig deeper into each participant

View participants’ individual demographics and responses to your tests to understand why people think the way they do.

We reached a point of overthinking with the team, becoming stuck in a state of analysis paralysis. Now we have Helio research to suggest a specific course of action, convincing us why the button should be blue. It’s a simple approach to test it and see what yields the best results.

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Christina Maguire, Radancy

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Journey Mapping Test Template

Test outcomes:

  • UX Researchers can benefit from this template to understand and map out the user’s journey, which is crucial for creating intuitive and seamless user experiences.
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UX Researcher FAQs

How can I use Helio services for in-depth user behavior analysis?
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Leverage the detailed analytics and user feedback provided to understand how users interact with your product and why.

What are effective ways to conduct and analyze user journey mapping?
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Use user feedback to create detailed user journey maps, identifying key touchpoints, motivations, and pain points in the user experience.

How do I create accurate user personas with Helio?
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Gather and analyze user demographic, psychographic, and behavioral data to create detailed and representative user personas.

Can the Helio platforms assist in heuristic evaluations of UI/UX?
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Yes, Helio provides a platform for expert evaluators to analyze and provide feedback on UI/UX based on established heuristics.

How do I ensure the research findings are effectively communicated to other teams?
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Create clear, concise reports and presentations highlighting key findings and actionable insights and sharing them with relevant teams and stakeholders.