Engineer the future with timely user feedback

Incorporate user feedback from Helio into engineering processes for data-driven product development

Technical Feasibility Feedback

Validate technical assumptions with user behavior insights. Align technical development with actual user needs and preferences.

Performance Optimization

Identify and address performance issues based on user feedback. Ensure software performs efficiently in real-world scenarios.

Error Reduction

Detect and correct issues before they affect end-users. Improve product quality and user satisfaction.

Fast results, improved KPIs

Bug Fix Rate

Speed and efficiency in addressing software bugs

System Efficiency

Efficient system that operates error-free

Performance Efficiency

How well the application performs under different scenarios

Deployment Frequency

How often new updates or features are deployed

Case Studies interactions

Landing Page Testing

Leverage user experience insights to drive enhanced conversion on’s platform.

Data-Driven Product Design

Accelerate your prototype development at every stage

Take your design prototypes and mockups to the next level by incorporating tests at each stage of development. This seamless process empowers you to iterate quickly and execute multiple tests throughout the product development lifecycle. Gain valuable insights from testing at every step!

Measure the success of your design

Effortlessly learn from your Figma files. Helio reports automatically transform essential design metrics and usability scores into visually captivating data, making sharing a breeze. Gather design metrics, path analysis, and clickmaps.

Automated metrics that drive discovery

Helio empowers you to transform responses into valuable insights through usability testing, from bounce rates and misclicks to clickmaps. Provide your team with visually-rich real-time data that can be acted upon within hours.

Experience the power of Helio with your own user tests

Uncover how people organize information

Create content that aligns with user thinking. Card sorting reveals user mental models, enabling you to design an effective information structure. Helio provides participants with a user-friendly and enjoyable online card-sorting experience.

We reached a point of overthinking with the team, becoming stuck in a state of analysis paralysis. Now we have Helio research to suggest a specific course of action, convincing us why the button should be blue. It’s a simple approach to test it and see what yields the best results.

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Christina Maguire, Radiance

prototype testing figma app

Prototype Testing Template

Test outcomes:

  • Engineers can use this template to gather feedback on prototypes before moving into further development phases, ensuring technical feasibility and user satisfaction.
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How can we use user feedback to improve technical product features?
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Analyze user feedback for feature functionality and user experience insights, and apply these insights to guide technical improvements.

Can Helio help identify and fix usability bugs?
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Yes, usability testing can reveal bugs and issues that may not be obvious in standard testing scenarios, providing a real-world perspective.

How do I ensure the technical changes align with user expectations?
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Continuously test new features and changes with users, ensuring that technical updates align with user needs and preferences.

Can user testing inform our choices in performance optimization?
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User feedback on load times, responsiveness, and overall performance can guide targeted optimization efforts for a smoother user experience.

How do we use user testing data to prioritize engineering tasks?
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Prioritize tasks based on the impact they have on user experience, focusing first on issues and enhancements that directly address user feedback.