Craft designs inspired by user feedback

Create user-centric and functional designs with insights from Helio

User-Centric Design Insights

Gather specific feedback on design elements to align with user preferences. Results in designs that are more user-friendly and appealing.

Iterative Design Process

Quickly iterate designs based on user feedback. Reduce time and resources spent on revisions.

Concept Testing

Ensure designs are easy to use for different segments. Create inclusive and compliant design solutions.

Fast results, improved KPIs

Usability Score

Rating of user-friendliness of the product’s design.

Drop-off Rate in User Flow

Where and when users drop off in a task flow.

Clickmap Engagement

Level of interaction with different parts of a design.

Concept Testing Results

Effectiveness of one design version over another.

Case Studies

CRM landing page

Landing Page Testing

Evaluate and optimize HubSpot’s CRM landing page elements to improve user interaction and effectiveness.

Data Informed Design Feedback

Elevate your product design with Helio

Don’t leave anything to chance when building your prototype tests in Figma. Eliminate the guesswork from your design process and validate daily design decisions.

Improve the discoverability of your content

Discover the areas where people tend to get lost and determine the reasons behind it, then take action to fix it. Utilize tree testing to assess how easy it is for users to find and understand the structure of your website, app, or intranet. By testing, refining, and validating your design choices, you can create a user-friendly digital experience that is easy for your users to navigate.

Test with Interactive Components

Import complex prototypes with animations and interactions into Helio. Enhance your testing with detailed performance metrics in Helio Reports. Discover a seamless design and testing experience with Figma and Helio.

Stay on brand with customized screens and surveys

Customize the look and feel of your participant engagement with your logo, brand mark, and messaging to build trust.

Create amazing product experiences that will delight your users.

Develop products that your team can be proud of. Use logic branching to keep your users engaged and collect only the relevant information, without any unnecessary fluff.

At Suncoast, our UX team prides itself on harnessing cutting-edge tools like Helio to transform our design process. Currently, we’re using Helio with our Figma prototypes to gather essential user feedback, which is pivotal in refining our designs. Our approach is not just about improving designs; it’s about continuously evolving to create the most intuitive user experience possible, and it all starts with Helio.

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Kyle Kusche, Suncoast Credit Union

Creative & ad concepts

Creative & Ad Concepts Test Template

Test outcomes:

  • Designers can leverage this template to get feedback on their creative concepts and advertisements, ensuring that their designs will resonate with the audience.
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How can I get actionable feedback on UI/UX design elements?
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Conduct usability tests focusing on specific UI/UX elements, ask targeted questions, and use the feedback to make informed design improvements.

Is Helio effective for testing visual appeal and brand style?
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Absolutely, Helio can help assess user reactions to visual elements and overall brand style, providing insights into aesthetic preferences and impact.

How do I incorporate user feedback into the iterative design process?
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Regularly test designs at various stages, integrate user feedback into each iteration, and continuously refine based on this ongoing input.

What methods are best for prototyping and testing design concepts?
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Rapid prototyping followed by user testing of these prototypes is effective; this allows you to gather quick feedback and iterate swiftly.