Design Leader

Design futures with user-driven creativity

Utilize Helio insights to craft user-centric designs that meet evolving expectations

Design Validation

Validate design decisions with real-user feedback to ensure they meet user expectations. Ensure that designs are user-centric and effective.

Improved User Experience

Identify usability issues and areas for improvement in the design process. Lead to a more intuitive and engaging user experience.

Cross-Device Consistency

Test designs across various devices to ensure a consistent user experience. Guarantee a seamless experience across all platforms.

Find answers to business questions

Directly incorporate user feedback from testing platforms to ensure product designs are user-friendly and responsive to user needs.

Fast results, improved KPIs

User Error Rate

Frequency of errors made by users, indicating design effectiveness.

Task Completion Rate

Percentage of successfully completed tasks by users.

Time on Task

Time taken by users to complete a specific task.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Measures engagement with specific design features.

Case Studies

Usability Testing

Conduct tests to evaluate the usability and intuitive design of products

Journey Mapping

Enhance website navigation and click-through rates, leading to a better user experience.

Data Informed Design Decisions

Prototype test results callout

Test with Interactive Components

Import complex prototypes with animations and interactions into Helio. Enhance your testing with detailed performance metrics in Helio Reports. Discover a seamless design and testing experience with Figma and Helio.

Improve the discoverability of your content

Discover the areas where people tend to get lost and determine the reasons behind it, then take action to fix it. Utilize tree testing to assess how easy it is for users to find and understand the structure of your website, app, or intranet. By testing, refining, and validating your design choices, you can create a user-friendly digital experience that is easy for your users to navigate.

Create amazing product experiences that will delight your users

Develop products that your team can be proud of. Use logic branching to keep your users engaged and collect only the relevant information, without any unnecessary fluff.

Stay on brand with customized screens and surveys

Customize the look and feel of your participant engagement with your logo, brand mark, and messaging to build trust.

Elevate your product design with Helio

Don’t leave anything to chance when building your prototype tests in Figma. Eliminate the guesswork from your design process and validate daily design decisions.

Helio’s platform is innovative, eliminating bias by offering diverse options and exclusionary testing. Helio’s large respondent base reveals unique patterns and insights, showcasing the value of its survey panel.

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Brandon Spencer, Pure Storage

Website design

Website Design Test Template

Test outcomes:

  • Concept Testing
  • Design Leaders are often responsible for overseeing the overall design strategy, this template would be useful to evaluate and iterate on the user interface of web products.
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How can I ensure that the designs are user-centric and intuitive?
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Regularly test your designs with real users, focusing on their ease of use, understanding, and overall experience, and iterate based on their feedback.

What are the best practices for conducting usability tests?
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Develop clear test objectives, use a diverse user group, create realistic scenarios, and ensure you ask open-ended questions for comprehensive feedback.

Can these services help in testing cross-device consistency?
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Absolutely. Test your designs on various devices and platforms to ensure a consistent and seamless user experience.

How do I translate user feedback into actionable design improvements?
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Analyze feedback to identify common themes and specific areas of improvement, then prioritize changes based on their potential impact on the user experience.

Can these platforms be used for A/B testing design elements?
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Yes, they can test different design variations with users to see which performs better regarding usability and user preference.