Research Leader

Innovate with the confidence of user data

Employ Helio feedback to direct research focus and ensure project insights drive innovation

Strategic Insights

Derive high-level insights to inform business and product strategy. Guide strategic decision-making with validated user data.

Cross-Functional Alignment

Align different teams under common user-centric goals. Foster collaboration and shared understanding across the organization.

Research Efficiency

Streamline research processes for faster and more effective outcomes. Enhance the impact and efficiency of the research team.

Fast results, improved KPIs

Insight Implementation Rate

Frequency at which research insights are implemented.

Research ROI

Return on investment for research activities.

Stakeholder Satisfaction

How satisfied internal stakeholders are with research findings.

Time to Insight

Time taken from research commencement to actionable insights.

Case Studies

CRM landing page

Landing Page Testing

Enhance user experience and conversion rates on Salesforce’s CRM landing page through research-driven insights.

Innovative Insights for Data-Driven Design Decisions

Build panels for continuous product discovery with Helio

Effortlessly take control of your user panel, target participants with lists and segments, capture new participants with website survey intercepts, and manage participants in a Research CRM.

Prototype test results callout

Drive continuous design decision-making

Eliminate the guesswork from your design process and validate daily design decisions. Discover a seamless design and testing experience with our Figma Integrations. Helio reports automatically transform essential design metrics and usability scores into visually captivating data, making sharing a breeze. Gather design metrics, path analysis, and clickmaps.

Get real-time report updates with each response

Watch as Helio instantly updates your report summary whenever new responses come in with our Realtime Reports. Stay in the loop with bite-sized info that keeps you up to date!

Helio's robust filtering allows for easy access to parse dense quantitative data.

Advanced filtering reveals instant insights

Harness the filter panel to categorize participant data—be it based on answers, demographics, response time, or sentiment—and unveil immediate insights.

The perfect balance of qualitative and quantitative data

Juxtapose data charts with participant feedback. Unravel the ‘why’ behind numbers with participant follow-up responses.

We frequently incorporate the insights gained from Helio into our discussions with stakeholders and business partners. This data integration serves as a foundation for justifying our decisions. We use the user findings from Helio to construct a narrative that supports our business case.

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Dashboard engagement template

Dashboard Engagement Test Template

Test outcomes:

  • Research Leaders, who need to oversee and understand engagement metrics, can use this template to evaluate how users interact with data dashboards.
Use Template

Research Leader FAQs

How do I align user testing with broader business objectives?
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Ensure your research goals are directly linked to key business objectives, and communicate how user insights can drive business outcomes.

What are the best practices for cross-functional research collaboration?
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Foster an inclusive environment where different teams are involved in setting research objectives and are kept informed of findings and implications.

Can Helio help in conducting longitudinal research studies?
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Yes, Helio provides the tools to track user behaviors and attitudes over time, allowing for comprehensive longitudinal studies.

How do I measure the ROI of our research efforts using these platforms?
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Link changes in product performance, user satisfaction, and business metrics directly to research activities to assess their impact.

How can I ensure the research strategy adapts to changing market trends?
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Regularly review and adjust your research strategy based on emerging trends, user feedback, and changing business priorities.