Market with confidence with the power of users

Shape effective marketing campaigns with direct user feedback from Helio

Enhanced Targeting Strategies

Understand customer demographics and preferences for better targeting. Lead more effective and efficient marketing campaigns.

Market Trend Analysis

Stay ahead of market trends based on user feedback. Keep marketing strategies relevant and proactive.

ROI on Marketing Spend

Measure the effectiveness of marketing investments. Ensure marketing budgets are spent effectively.

Fast results, improved KPIs

Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)

Financial return from marketing campaigns.

Social Media Engagement

Interactions on social media posts.

Email Open and Click Rates

Engagement with email marketing campaigns.

Market Share Growth

Expansion in the company’s market share.

Case Studies

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Purchase Feedback

Resolve comprehension gaps in landing pages to increase user engagement and conversions.

Collaborative, Insightful Data-Driven Research

Turn traditional research into data-driven insights

Receive live report updates for each response, use advanced filtering to reveal instant insights, and strike the perfect balance of qualitative and quantitative data. Helio’s Quantitative Data will help you translate feedback and behavioral data into actionable insights within mere hours.

Teamwork meets data with survey collaboration

Helio’s Survey Collaboration feature enables you to share projects with your team, manage user permissions, and leave comments on surveys and tests to create fast feedback loops that keep projects moving forward. Even give stakeholders a tokenized link to view your reports without the hassle of an account.

Preview and comment on any device type

View participant tests and surveys in desktop, tablet, and mobile previews, and quickly comment.

Gain valuable insights from anywhere in the world

Conduct surveys that delve deeper into people’s opinions and experiences, whether they are right in front of you or miles away. Choose from a diverse range of testers or easily share a URL with your own users. Gather the feedback you need to make informed decisions and improve your offerings.

Experience Helio’s role in your informed decisions

Helio empowers you to transform responses into valuable insights with Usability Tests, from bounce rates and misclicks to clickmaps. Provide your team with visually-rich real-time data that can be used to inform decisions within hours.

Helio creates a feedback loop where we receive feedback and communicate within layers of the topics. This has created a new sense of community and value for our customers. Helio also has superior analysis features that other survey or testing platforms do not offer.

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email marketing testing strategies weekly update

Email Marketing Test Template

Test outcomes:

  • This template is ideal for Marketers looking to optimize email campaigns for higher engagement and conversion rates.
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Marketer FAQs

How can I use usability testing to refine my target market profiles?
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Gather data on user preferences, behaviors, and demographics from these platforms to build more accurate and detailed target market profiles.

Can Helio help in tracking brand perception over time?
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Regularly conduct user tests focused on brand perception to track changes and trends, informing strategies to improve brand image.

What are the best ways to test and improve marketing channels?
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Test different marketing channels with targeted user groups to evaluate their effectiveness in reaching and engaging your audience.

How can I measure the ROI of marketing campaigns using user feedback?
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Link changes in user perception, engagement, and conversion rates directly to specific marketing campaigns to assess their return on investment.

Can user testing provide insights into effective content creation?
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Use user feedback to understand what types of content resonate most with your audience, guiding your content creation strategy.