Growth Marketer

Fuel growth with targeted user feedback

Leverage user insights from Helio to uncover growth opportunities in the customer lifecycle

Conversion Rate Optimization

Test and optimize landing pages and funnels for better conversion rates. Directly impact the effectiveness of growth strategies.

Customer Journey Mapping

Understand the full customer journey to identify pain points and opportunities. Enhance customer experience and identifies growth opportunities.

A/B Testing Insights

Validate growth hypotheses quickly with real user data. Allow for data-driven decisions in growth initiatives.

Find answers to business questions

Actively use user feedback to identify and optimize strategies for customer acquisition, retention, and expansion

Fast results, improved KPIs

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Total revenue a business can expect from a single customer account.

Churn Rate

Rate at which customers stop doing business.

Acquisition Channels Efficiency

Effectiveness of each channel in acquiring customers.

Activation Rate

Percentage of users taking a desired action after sign-up.

Case Studies

Zendesk landing page testing

Landing Page Testing

Identify key factors influencing user interaction and conversion on Zendesk’s CRM page to increase engagement.

Targeted, Insightful User Feedback To Drive Growth

Measure the success of your design

Effortlessly learn from your Figma files. Helio reports automatically transform essential design metrics and usability scores into visually captivating data, making sharing a breeze. Gather design metrics, path analysis, and clickmaps.

Gain valuable insights from anywhere in the world

Conduct surveys that delve deeper into people’s opinions and experiences, whether they are right in front of you or miles away. Choose from a diverse range of testers or easily share a URL with your own users. Gather the feedback you need to make informed decisions and improve your offerings.

Automated metrics that drive discovery

Helio empowers you to transform responses into valuable insights through usability testing, from bounce rates and misclicks to clickmaps. Provide your team with visually-rich real-time data that can be acted upon within hours.

Capture new participants with website survey Intercepts

Increase your research engagement effortlessly. Boost response rates by linking feedback prompts to unique URLs and triggers. Take your targeting to the next level by presenting prompts to your specific cohorts.

Create products and campaigns extraordinary together

Review your work with your team within the app before presenting it to users. Obtain approval or receive feedback from stakeholders instantly using Comments and @mentions to capture input on content, design, and other aspects.

Helio’s quick turnaround time is impressive. The speed at which we receive data is significantly faster than what we’ve experienced with traditional market research. Getting insights almost in real-time is exciting and crucial for our work

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Feature findability

Feature Findability Test Template

Test outcomes:

  • Growth Marketers can utilize this template to ensure the key features of their product are easily discoverable, which is critical for user acquisition and retention.
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How do I optimize landing pages for higher conversion rates?
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Test different elements of your landing pages (like CTA buttons, images, copy) with users to identify what works best in driving conversions.

What are effective ways to test different growth hypotheses?
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Conduct concept testing for various growth strategies and analyze user engagement, conversion rates, and other relevant metrics to determine the most effective approach.

Can usability testing help in mapping and optimizing customer journeys?
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Yes, user feedback can provide valuable insights into the customer journey, highlighting pain points and opportunities for optimization.

How can I use these services to improve retention strategies?
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Use them to understand why users return or churn, then develop strategies to enhance user satisfaction and loyalty.

What metrics should I focus on to measure growth marketing success?
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Focus on metrics like conversion rates, customer lifetime value (CLV), retention rates, and customer acquisition costs (CAC).