Helio gives you powerful reporting filters to pull the most relevant data out of your tests.

Make sense of the data madness

Helio has amazing reports that enable you to drill down into data and create stories from participants’ responses. Get usability feedback while also learning about people’s wants and needs.

Quantitative Feedback

Quickly surface audience insights from detailed data charts. Spend less time aggregating data and more time making decisions based on what the data reveals.

Robust Filtering

Dig deep into the patterns with global filtering. Sift through findings within demographic segments. Filter qualitative responses by quantitative groups.

Qualitative Feedback

Broaden your understanding of an audience’s reactions. Get better insights from participant’s answers by asking them additional questions. Get raw, unscripted answers as participants go about their day.

Participant Profiles

Browse individual participant responses and glean more insight from their demographic profiles.


Share and save your insights on a specific filtered data view. Capture thoughts in your tests and aggregate them in a project to share and collaborate with your team.

Build a survey

Create surveys using questions and assets as building blocks with infinite possibilities.

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Start running tests and surveys immediately with our ready-made consumer and business audiences.

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