Published October 14, 2021

Captain Kirk Becomes Oldest Rocket Man

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A fake spaceman became a real spaceman. William Shatner blasted into the stratosphere as a passenger on Jeff Bezos’ commercial rocketship, Blue Origin’s New Shepard 4.

And it very much feels like the realization of the story we’re creating for our Helioverse

We believe you can be the hero, dreaming up ideas in a fictitious world of participants — who serve as your audience. Because this Star Trek leader made fiction into reality. 

That’s our mission: to propel your creative ideas into reality. Making fanciful dreams come true, in a substantial way. 

You Can’t Trust Demographics Alone

For those of us targeting an audience, it’s important to remember that demographics are not always best for reaching said group. After all, who would’ve had a 90-year old actor as an astronaut on the top of their demographic list!

Yeah, this is a special case and a great example of how we need to target the behaviors of an audience rather than their demographics. 

As for Shatner, no need to worry. He made it back to Earth safely and didn’t even need Scotty to beam him down. It’s an experience he’ll never forget: 

“I hope I never recover from this. I hope I can maintain what I feel now. I don’t want to lose it. It’s much larger than me… and life.”

William Shatner, shortly after landing back on Earth

Which goes to show, you are never too old to dream and, one day, you too can be a star who makes a Star Trek into space.  

Fiction is Truer Than Fact

Oh, and a bonus, enjoy him “singing” about being a rocketman long before he actually became one!

William Shatner didn’t use Captain Kirk’s parachute to make it back to Earth (Photo Credit:

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