Fast user research and testing for product design teams

Get actionable user data from a survey panel before you build

Build confidently with Helio usability tests and surveys

Rocket accelerating on launch.

Accelerate product development

Leverage unmoderated user testing to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, keeping pace with development speed.
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Minimize the chances of redoing work

Run tests on prototypes created in Helio to ensure your team gets it right the first time.
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Create products that focus on users

Maximize response rates and gain deeper insight into user needs with a flawless browser-based testing experience.

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Reach your target audience

Helio offers a first-party research panel of 1,000,000 screened participants, allowing you to easily target, re-target, and save audiences.

Nick the devops professional.


“The business is very customer-focused, and customers are always continuously changing their minds or adjusting their requirements.”


  • Manages Cloud Servers
  • Works in DevOps
  • Has Business Degree
Question sent to 100 DevOps Professionals
Who is the most difficult person to deal with to get your job done?
100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Marketers Engineers Designers Managers Customers IT 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% Marketers Engineers Designers Managers Customers IT

No more big research projects

Ask a few questions at a time to a targeted research panel. Get insights when you need them, at any stage of your project, without sinking your budget.

Test your design concepts

Get immediate answers from real users. Create and share usability tests, and collect valuable insights throughout your product’s life cycle.


Use Ranking in your creative process to understand how your audience prioritizes options in different situations, from feature concepts to orders of operation.

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Ideal rank

Get a quick and easy read on the ideal list order your audience places ideas into.

Customer flows & journeys

Map out your customer’s user journeys based on the preferred order of operation for an audience.

Prioritizing your options

Find a few key ideas that your customers can’t live without. Perfect for your MVP!

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Build something your users truly want