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Our single-use Pro service lets you try the service by selecting demographics in your audience. Create up to ten questions, generative and evaluative, to collect answers from your audience. You will start getting answers immediately within minutes. Our single-use product can be used for free and audiences can be purchased.

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Get answers immediately

Collect test results without recruiting, fast. Like, within 
hours fast.

create questions
Create up to ten questions

Cultivate specific participant audiences based on your business needs.

Pick an audience with demographics

Likert, multiple-choice, click test… build tests and surveys with the question types you need.

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Explore the service, free to try

Synthesize your data with dynamic data, write and organize your observations, then highlight key findings to share.

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Main Differences
Single Use

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Convince stakeholders

The single-use Pro option is a great way to get your team invested without spending money. You’ll be able to collect data and sell your thinking to your team. It’s a confidence builder and one that will help you sell the investment in user research.

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Fast Results

Tests run immediately and collect answers in real-time. As participant data is coming in, you can filter results by specific groups. We allow you to keep your data in Helio, or download a CSV.

Test and Learn
with an Audience