You lose customers every day. Maybe after their first purchase, or right after signing up. We can help you focus Design, Product and Engineering on retention and reactivation solutions. You may also need adjusted pricing or copy rewritten in the conversion funnel. We use behavioral data to better understand why people may be clicking off our site.

Lead Generation

We’ll work through landing pages, onboarding and marketing stories to create engagement.


Marketing Sites

We’ll evaluate your copy and story through data to better align with the product experience.


Tested with Technology Enthusiasts, Innovative Programmers and Enterprise Decision Makers

Joy, Anticipation,

“The bright, simplistic design is enjoyable to look at, and the simplicity of it also suggests that the product is easy to use.”

Anticipation, Joy,

“Surprised they offer such varied packages daily, but pleased. Anticipation regards price.”

Trust, Joy,

“When I’m landing on a page, my decision to stay or leave is based on the first-second feeling. I liked this page.”

Conversion Funnels

We’ll look for leaks in the purchasing flow to better understand why people are dropping off.


Tested with Urban Actives, Avid Shoe Shoppers and Socializing Shoe Influencers

“The most likely action that shoe shoppers will do when the shoe is out of stock is to sign up for alerts and notifications.”

Test and Learn
with an Audience