Digital Marketer

Shape marketing campaigns with user insights

Refine digital marketing campaigns with user behavior insights from Helio for higher engagement

Content Effectiveness

Test and measure the impact of digital content. Ensure content resonates with the audience and meets marketing goals.

SEO Optimization

Understand user behavior to improve website SEO strategies. Drive organic traffic by aligning with user search behaviors.

Campaign Analytics

Get actionable insights on digital campaign performance. Enable the optimization of campaigns for better ROI.

Find answers to business questions 

Tailor digital campaigns for maximum engagement and conversion using insights into online user behavior.

Fast results, improved KPIs

Website Traffic

Number of visitors to the company’s website.

Bounce Rate

Percentage of visitors who navigate away after viewing only one page.

Conversion Rate

Ratio of website visitors who take a desired action.

Cost per Click (CPC)

Cost for each click in a pay-per-click marketing campaign.

Case Studies

Idea Validation

Increase user engagement with IU Online’s degree index page through targeted feature improvements.

Real-Time, Data-Driven Insights

Follow up with participants

Create observations that link to your data view.  Share observations that reveal your insights with clarity and granularity.

Get real-time report updates with each response

Watch as Helio instantly updates your report summary whenever new responses come in. Stay in the loop with bite-sized info that keeps you up to date!

Helio's robust filtering allows for easy access to parse dense quantitative data.

Advanced filtering reveals instant insights

Harness the filter panel to categorize participant data—be it based on answers, demographics, response time, or sentiment—and unveil immediate insights.

The perfect balance of qualitative and quantitative data

Juxtapose data charts with participant feedback. Unravel the ‘why’ behind numbers with participant follow-up responses.

Dig deeper into each participant

View participants’ individual demographics and responses to your tests to understand why people think the way they do.

Working with Helio has allowed us to engage with our customers in a new way. We can receive feedback and connect with our Providers on high-priority initiatives to the business before executing, minimizing risk to the business while at the same time creating community with our customers.

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Angeliki King, Hydrafacial

Social media campaigns

Social Media Campaigns Test Template

Test outcomes:

  • Digital Marketers need to understand the impact of their campaigns, and this template helps test the effectiveness of social media initiatives.
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How can I use the Helio platform to improve website user experience?
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Conduct usability tests to identify navigation issues, content clarity problems, and other barriers to a positive user experience, and then refine based on findings.

What’s the best way to test content strategy effectiveness?
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Use concept testing and user feedback to assess content types and strategies, focusing on engagement, relevance, and user satisfaction.

Can I use these services for SEO and SEM strategy refinement?
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Test different keywords and ad copies to see which ones yield better user engagement and conversion rates, providing insights for SEO and SEM improvements.

How do I track and measure digital campaign analytics effectively?
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Focus on metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, bounce rates, and user engagement time to evaluate the effectiveness of your digital campaigns.

Can the Helio platforms provide insights into customers’ online behaviors?
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Yes, Helio offers valuable data on how users interact with your online platforms, helping you understand their behaviors and preferences.