Quantitative Data

Drive your research with quantitative clarity

Turn user feedback into actionable metrics and confidently chart your product’s path.

Data-Driven Decisions at a Glance

Access comprehensive quantitative data rollups that simplify complex user feedback into digestible metrics. Leverage these insights to pinpoint user behavior trends and streamline product decision-making.

Instant Browser-Based Testing

Get real-time, behavioral analytics without any cumbersome setups or installations. Our platform captures user interactions seamlessly, enabling you to monitor prototype performances and identify areas of improvement immediately.

Robust Data Charting and Reports

Visualize quantitative data through intuitive charts and graphs, making pattern recognition a breeze. Additionally, export detailed CSV reports to delve deeper, ensuring no insight goes unnoticed.

Drive your iterations forward with automated data

Realtime data reports

Discover new findings independently and collaborate with Helio reports. Save time by instantly generating reports for each of your research surveys.

Product discovery with automated metrics

Gain valuable insights from bounce rates, misclicks, and heatmaps to optimize your team’s performance. Get visual-rich data that can be put into action within hours.

Transform data into a team sport

Engage both internal and external stakeholders with Helio Reports to foster communication, share insights, and collaborate through comments. Easily secure buy-in for the next steps.

Helio is lean, mean data machine

Quant data test template contribute to market research.

Launch a test in minutes

Create a test quickly with Helio’s user-friendly platform and ready-to-use templates. Put your test in front of your users effortlessly.


View data with various chart types

Once the responses start rolling in, view data rollups based on usability or survey question types.


Filter responses using different tools

Filter the data reports by clicking on participant answers, demographics, response time, and sentiment.


Spot differences in the segmented data

View segmented data in charts that overlap with your original participant data to spot immediate differences.

Turn traditional research into data-driven insights

Receive Live Report Updates for Each Response

Experience Helio’s real-time report refreshes as new feedback rolls in. Stay informed with concise details, always keeping you ahead!

Helio's robust filtering allows for easy access to parse dense quantitative data.

Advanced filtering reveals instant insights

Harness the filter panel to categorize participant data—be it based on answers, demographics, response time, or sentiment—and unveil immediate insights.

The perfect balance of qualitative and quantitative data

Juxtapose data charts with participant feedback. Unravel the ‘why’ behind numbers with participant follow-up responses.

Quantitative data showcases the success rate of your market research.

Automated metrics that drive discovery

Helio equips you to translate feedback into actionable insights. From tracking bounce rates and misclicks to visualizing clickmaps, access vivid real-time data ready for swift team actions.

Uncover Primary Actions Taken by Your Users

Uncover Primary Actions Taken by Your Users Helio’s usability testing demystifies user behavior, from the initial clicks to intricate pathways. Equip your team with vibrant real-time data, translating into actionable insights within mere hours.

We reached a point of overthinking with the team, becoming stuck in a state of analysis paralysis. Now we have Helio research to suggest a specific course of action, convincing us why the button should be blue. It’s a simple approach to test it and see what yields the best results.

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Christina Maguire, Radiance


Add participants directly within the test creation or share your test with external users via a simple link.

Usability Score

Leverage a wide range of user survey templates created by Helio’s in-house experts.

Prototype Metrics

Choose from various options to cater to your user’s preferences and make their selection effortless.

Instant Browser-Based Testing

Engage participants and gather valuable qualitative responses through open-ended questions.

Robust Filtering

Ask participants to pick the most and least important factors from the presented options.

Data Charting

Easily gauge participants’ opinions by asking them to rate statements on a scale.

CSV Reports

Rank and compare multiple options based on your preferences. Easily arrange them from most to least preferred, or vice versa.

Response Time

Download CSV files containing the latest data from your survey sessions. Store this valuable information for further analysis and decision-making.


What is the quantitative data?
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Quantitative data provides a numerical and statistical analysis of survey results, allowing product managers to understand user behavior and preferences in measurable terms.

How can quantitative data benefit my product research?
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Quantitative Data lets you objectively measure user feedback, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. This ensures that your product decisions are rooted in factual insights rather than assumptions.

How quickly can I access quantitative insights after a survey is conducted?
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Our platform is designed for speed and efficiency. Once your survey is started, quantitative data results are available in real time, providing you with actionable insights within minutes.

Can I choose what quantitative metrics I want to view?
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Yes! Our platform offers a range of quantitative metrics like usability scores, clickmaps, and more.

How is this different from qualitative data?
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While qualitative data gives you insights into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind user behavior, quantitative data focuses on the ‘what’. It provides measurable and numerical data that can be statistically analyzed, such as the number of users who liked a particular feature.

Can I export the quantitative data for external analysis?
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Absolutely! Our platform supports exporting of data in CSV format, allowing you to analyze the data further or share it with your team using tools of your preference.

How reliable is the data in terms of accuracy?
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Helio prioritizes data accuracy. Our advanced algorithms and robust filtering systems assure you that the quantitative insights you receive are precise and reliable.