Qualitative Tools

Harness the power of qualitative insights

Surface genuine feedback and nuanced perspectives to elevate your product experiences.

Sentiment & Response Analysis

Dive into the nuances of user feedback with our advanced sentiment and response analysis tools. Transform raw responses into meaningful data, allowing you to gauge user emotions and understand the ‘why’ behind their reactions.

Response Filtering and Summaries

Harness the power of qualitative insights with a system that categorizes and filters user responses based on keywords, sentiment, and themes. With these organized summaries, you can rapidly identify patterns and derive actionable insights.

Operate like a data researcher

Let our Question AI tool process and interpret open-ended feedback, turning unstructured answers into organized, easily digestible data points. This ensures that you capture the essence of every response, driving your product strategy with clarity.

Turn qualitative research into data your team can act on

Streamline your user research process

Simplify your research process with intuitive technology. Spend less time stressing about finding research participants and more time extracting insights from your customers with qualitative tools.

Get to know your customers better

Unlock your business success with superior UX research tools. In times of market uncertainty and tight budgets, customer understanding becomes crucial like never before. Empower your team to quick surface insights.

Unleash the power of shared wisdom

Unlock the full potential of your team with a platform designed to democratize insights. Say goodbye to fragmented research and hello to a centralized research hub for all your valuable data.

Rapidly test your designs and prototypes as fast as you build


Craft Immersive Product Experiences

With Helio’s user-friendly interface and pre-designed templates, design a survey that fits your needs in mere minutes. Tailor it further with diverse question options.


Target the Right Audience

Choose from a vast array of pre-defined audiences or tap into your own product’s user base. Alternatively, broaden your reach by sharing your survey through direct links.


Diverse Question Types at Your Fingertips

Elevate your survey’s depth by picking from an array of question styles, freeform, multiple choice, likert scales, or beyond.


Real-Time Insights and Collaboration

Stay in the know as participants engage with your survey, and effortlessly share comprehensive data reports with your team.

Unearth deep user insights from qualitative tools

Craft Immersive Product Experiences

Enhance your product’s user experience by focusing on genuine human interactions. Use logic branching to ensure engaging, personalized surveys that fetch genuine, insightful feedback without redundancy.

Harness the Power of Detailed Feedback

Why compromise depth for breadth? Helio’s qualitative tools, including freeform questions, let you delve deep into user sentiments, ensuring you gather both comprehensive and nuanced feedback.

Collaborative Design and Review for Excellence

Fine-tune your projects collaboratively within Helio. Harness Comments and @mentions to collaboratively refine content, design, and more, ensuring stakeholder alignment and excellence.

Deep Dive into Global User Perspectives

Harness qualitative tools to gain profound insights from users across the globe. Whether connecting with local testers or sharing a link to an international user base, Helio helps you tap into the pulse of genuine user sentiments and aspirations.

We rely on Helio to help us refine our creative ideas. After using the platform to focus our concepts, we test them on Facebook to observe which ones receive the most engagement. Based on this feedback, we further streamline our campaign strategy.

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Freeform Surveys

Dive deep into user perspectives with unrestricted feedback avenues.

Follow up Questions

Ensure clarity by probing deeper into initial responses, gathering richer insights.

Participant Replies

Engage with participants for comprehensive feedback loops.

Response Search

Quickly pinpoint specific feedback themes or keywords, optimizing your analysis time.

Sentiment Analysis

Gauge user emotions and feelings toward your product at a glance.

Word Summaries

Get a snapshot of recurring themes and terms, revealing the heart of user feedback.

Search Highlights

Spotlight on crucial feedback, ensuring no vital insight is overlooked.

Responses Liking

Understand the most valuable feedback through peer upvotes and preferences.

Question AI

Utilize artificial intelligence for crafting effective questions that elicit insightful responses.

Link Citations

Reference key observations or examples easily, providing context to your surveys.


Document key patterns and insights, making iterative design improvements streamlined.

Response Filtering

Sort and analyze feedback based on specific criteria, targeting your analysis for actionable outcomes.


What exactly are the qualitative tools you offer?
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Our qualitative tools are designed to delve deep into user perceptions, opinions, and motivations. Features include freeform survey questions, follow-up questions, participant replies, sentiment analysis, and more, enabling you to gain rich insights beyond numerical data.

How do qualitative tools enhance my research process?
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Our qualitative tools provide a deeper understanding of user behavior, feelings, and preferences. They help you uncover the ‘why’ behind user choices, giving context to the data and allowing for more informed product decisions.

Can I customize my qualitative research methods based on my product’s needs?
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Absolutely! Our flexible platform allows you to choose the qualitative tools that best fit your research objectives and product stage.

How do I analyze and interpret the data from qualitative tools?
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Our platform provides features like sentiment analysis, word summaries, and search highlights, which help easily categorize and interpret qualitative feedback. This ensures that you can quickly identify common themes and insights.

Can you combine both qualitative and quantitative research on your platform?
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Yes, indeed. Our platform seamlessly integrates qualitative and quantitative tools, ensuring you get a holistic view of user feedback, combining the depth of qualitative insights with the breadth of quantitative data.

How do I ensure the quality of responses using qualitative tools?
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Our platform has built-in measures to ensure respondent quality, including participant screening, the ability to ask clarifying follow-up questions, and response flagging. This ensures that the insights you gather are genuine and actionable.

Can I share qualitative insights with my team in an easily digestible format?
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Certainly! Our tools allow you to view visual summaries, including word counts, sentiment charts, and response highlights, making it simple to share and discuss findings with your team.

Are there any best practices you recommend for using qualitative tools effectively?
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We recommend starting with a clear research objective, asking open-ended questions, and utilizing our built-in features for analyzing and categorizing responses. Regularly engaging with real users and iterating based on feedback will ensure optimal results.