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How do we segment participants?

All Helio Participants go through a registration process that allows us to identify who they are, as well as some basic attributes about them like: the devices they have available for testing, their technical proficiency, education level, occupation, income, hobbies, skills, and more.

Using our Attribute Aggregation System, we’ve collected over 140 million attribute values from our Helio Participants. This allows us to identify single, or multiple shared attribute traits and compile them into a segmented list.

We currently have over 640,000 participants and it’s growing every day! In addition to the attributes we collect, all our participants have rich demographic information available for filtering responses in your Helio Report view.

participants compensation

Do participants get compensation?

Yes. Helio participants do receive some minor compensation for their time when completing tests (interviews are handled with a one-time payment). However, the amounts we payout are small and prevent one from becoming a full-time user tester. We focus on recruiting participants who have a desire to learn about and improve the web.

registration accounts false

The registration process, how does it account for false accounts?

All users who become participants must verify their information with us and third parties, like PayPal. With PayPal specifically, we are able to ensure all users have real names, addresses, etc. all of which are verified through a bank account.


Do we spot audit the testers to ensure data is accurate?

We actively prune the list of bad seeds both manually and programmatically. Additionally, we allow our users to “flag” participants who may show any troublesome behavior. In sum, we prune manually, programmatically, and via crowdsourced means ensuring the most accurate of responses.

verify segment attribute

How do we verify a segment or attribute?

We verify users through qualitative data. We conduct contextual questions and then filter out participants if we believe they do not fulfill the particular segment.

Participants recruited for interviews are verified before being scheduled for an interview.

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