Our Methods

Every day, Helio is used to enhance the messaging, designs, and products of successful companies. These simple, tried and true methods can be applied easily to the most difficult creative problems.


Use Ranking in your creative process to understand how your audience prioritizes options in different situations, from feature concepts to orders of operation.

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Ideal rank

Get a quick and easy read on the ideal list order your audience places ideas into.

Customer flows & journeys

Map out your customer’s user journeys based on the preferred order of operation for an audience.

Prioritizing your options

Find a few key ideas that your customers can’t live without. Perfect for your MVP!

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How to approach your problem

Building something truly great requires consideration from all angles. Here are just a few important pieces Helio can help with.

Landing page conversion

Evaluate what information is critical on any landing page and what your design is doing to influence users to take action.

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Competitive review

Identify key web behaviors from customers in your target market and what your competitors are doing right or wrong.

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Dashboard engagement

Leverage user reactions to bring the most important elements of a dashboard forward for your customers.

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Brand perception

Align new and current brand directions with your customers feelings and expectations of what your brand is.

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Ad funnel performance

Discover how to tweak your ads visual presence and copy, to produce more engagement and follow through on sales.

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Mobile navigation

Ensure that your mobile navigation is just as effective as your desktop navigation by specifically targeting mobile users.

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