Select an audience

Select an audience from our half a million participants. Choose standard demographics, or go deeper into the behaviors and responsibilities of your audience using over 100 million attributes. You can also survey your own customers via a list, link, or intercept.


Test creative ideas

Be bold with your ideas. Get quick reactions to new concepts wherever you are in your creative process. Use text, images, gifs, prototypes, audio, or video to get feedback from your audience.


Choose questions

Choose from eleven different question types to get the right marketing, product, and development answers. Ask one question or twenty, it doesn’t matter how you collect answers in your survey. Free yourself from the formality of a study.


Collect answers

Receive answers in minutes from your target audience. Get data rollups from the entire audience, or review qualitative answers from participants. Filter and sort your participant responses based on their answers, demographics, response time, or sentiment.


Grow your audience

Ask follow-up questions in your surveys or reply directly to individual participants to learn more about their previous answers. Send replies to participants to learn more about their thoughts, build your own lists from your website, and capture observations. Your audience expands over time.

Test and Learn
with an Audience