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Advanced test options.

We have some helpful upgrades including:

  • Ask up to 20 questions per test.
  • Get up to 1,000 panelists per test.
  • Branching capabilities based on panelists answers.
  • Automatic Sentiment analysis.

Go beyond demographics.

We’ll cultivate specific panelist audiences based on your business needs.

  • No painful and expensive recruiting.
  • Specific custom audiences ranging from Business Decision Makers to Engineers in the Healthcare Industry.

Share insights with your team.

Collaborate with your team to share responses and observations across audiences.

  • Invite team members to help collaborate.

Create your own customer list.

Securely store and send tests to your own list of customers. Grow your customer list by embedding a screener form from your website!

  • Email Helio tests directly to a list of your customers.
  • Securely store your customer lists in Helio.
  • Segment your customer list by key behaviors and demographics.
  • Collect new customers through landing pages or embedded forms.
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