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Get actionable user data from your audience to elevate your product in minutes.

Learn more about continuous testing
for design decision-making

Helio test creation figma file

Elevate your product design with Helio

Don’t leave anything to chance when building your prototype tests in Figma. Eliminate the guesswork from your design process and validate daily design decisions

Test with Interactive Components

Import complex prototypes with animations and interactions into Helio. Enhance your testing with detailed performance metrics in Helio Reports. Discover a seamless design and testing experience with Figma and Helio.

Measure the success of your design

Effortlessly learn from your Figma files. Helio reports automatically transform essential design metrics and usability scores into visually captivating data, making sharing a breeze. Gather design metrics, path analysis, and clickmaps.

Collaborate with your Figma files in Helio

Collaborate with team members by sharing access to your Figma files in Helio.  Remove the pain of finding the latest Figma files or prototype