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We built Helio to solve our client’s pain points

Classic design principles are no longer enough. We’ve built Helio to address the difficulty of incorporating user and usability testing into client projects. Solve these pain points and elevate your client work.

Building trust with a client

Back up your expertise with proof. Gather user data throughout your project work.

Finding the right testers

Cultivate specific participant audiences based on your business needs.

Time-consuming research

Test with the confidence of getting answers, from your ideal audience, within hours.

Integrate testing into your flow

Survey your audience throughout your projects. Surface insights at every step.

What we’ve learned from our experience

Seeking answers to our questions about who uses our products and how has led us to enmesh testing into all of our projects. Here’s how our practice has matured.


At first, user testing is initiated by clients to test design artifacts. Usability testing can build client trust and provide answers to key questions.


After seeing the value of usability testing within design projects, we began to budget for and anticipate the kind of testing we would want to incorporate into our projects. This built trust with the client from kickoff to close, and drastically increased our design learnings.


Finally, we wrapped testing into all of our billable services after we saw how integral to our project work it had become. Performing market research in advance of the design phase, and learning about the audience for our project has brought immense value each step of our client engagements.

Get clients onboard from day one

We’ve built Helio from the ground up for the agency project workflow.

7 Questions types

Likert, multiple-choice, click test… build tests and surveys with the question types you need.

Target the right audience

Cultivate specific participant audiences based on your business needs.

Fast test results

Collect test results without recruiting, fast. Like, within hours fast.

Intuitive reports

Synthesize your data with dynamic data, write and organize your observations, then highlight key findings to share.

Our partnership

Having made this transition ourselves, we know how to partner with agencies to incorporate testing into the day-to-day. We partner with agencies to ensure success on a test-by-test, project-by-project basis.

Don’t pay for seats

We’ve removed the barriers to collaboration to ensure your team is in the data.

15% discount

We’ll make the testing worth your while! Our agency discount ensures you can make your testing profitable.

Flexible subscriptions

With subscriptions starting at $1k per month, we have the flexible pricing packages to fit your budget.

Perfect for your workflow

Whether you’ve got multiple ongoing projects with the same or multiple clients, we’ve setup the workflow to accommodate your needs.

Setup Project for Clients

Project settings help differentiate clients and teams.

Separate Audiences

Advanced Audiences are built custom per project.

Share Observations & Synthesis

Add Observation notes to test reports and share in your client reports.

Share Data

Make test and report data easily accessible to clients. Our project system makes it easy to share without users wandering into other projects.

Support along the way

Every agency is making their own way into usability testing in this new design reality. Let us support you on your journey.

(Our client) has nothing but wonderful things to say about how Helio (and your team) is performing! Keep crushing!"
Kari Bauer, TMP Worldwide
Run tests for you

We’ve been doing this for a while now. Let us setup and run the tests for you based on your team's questions.

Advanced methods

Move past ‘if it works’ testing and focus on business outcomes. We can help identify the advanced methods to assess a design direction.

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Customer services

Our On-demand services are the fastest way for agencies who need advanced testing methods, but don’t have the internal staff, to get the job done today.

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